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My long withheld RAGE just breaks free. SSJ4!

10/06/2012 09:08 AMPosted by Kyrone
If you truly want to promote built diversity you DON'T do that through nerfing the popular ones TO THE GROUND.

I'm a CM-freezy-pop wiz & I love the build cause it makes my wiz tanky & oh so much more survivable (doesn't matter how much you can DPS if you're laying there dead). And to make it work I have to stack tons of resist, life regen, some LOH & even Life after kill (its an under-rated stat IMO) & even still I die once or twice a run. Now they're gonna make it worse- WHY? Since when is NOT dying considered overpowered?!

I can't grasp how you dare to nerf builds for which people actually spent real money and thus betraying and stealing from them.

This is one of the reasons I will NEVER use the RMAH. Who would? If I'd actually spent real money on my wiz gear I would be so pissed about the upcoming patch nerfs.

+1 & +1 again. Homerun post.
I gota add something. The procs on legendaries are MOSTLY useless. Like, i have an andariel's visage. It says it procs poison nova....... WHAT NOVA?!?!?!?!?! It has a 6 yard radius???


poison nova LOOKS LIKE THIS!
10/06/2012 08:35 PMPosted by seansky
poison nova LOOKS LIKE THIS!

oh man! sweet childhood memories: UNLOCKED!
10/06/2012 11:53 AMPosted by Kyrone
This is a video game, they're supposed to be, you know? Fun? An escape from real life because real life sucks. This is jumping from one painful grind into another one.

Well said sir. I expect video games to give me a break from my stressful real life, not another frustrating grind that makes me want to pull my hair out.


BLEH this game sucks.... back to TL2, that game is awesome.
100% agree with everything that was said by the OP. Not like it matters we'll continue to be ignored for their "vision".
Agreed. This game is a damn shame. There are so many complaints because hopes were so high.

Blizzard just doesn't get it.
10/06/2012 08:53 PMPosted by cr14mson
poison nova LOOKS LIKE THIS!

oh man! sweet childhood memories: UNLOCKED!

watashiwa BANKAI: DING!
SSJ4 mode [on]

WHAT are you doing Blizzard?

1 step forward, 10 steps back! Let me explain to you why I'm so frustrated and mad, and guessing by the countless complaining threads on the forum I am not alone with this.

1. The loot system is the most uninspired and frustrating thing in this game. You basically need only 6 stats (main stat, vitality, CC, CD, IAS, All res) (and maybe movement speed), anything else is worthless.

Yet, even though the itemization is SO limited due to this BRILLIANT balancing of stats, you don't implement something that makes these stats roll more often. They somehow have the same chance as every other stat to roll on an item, making the system WAY TOO RANDOM.

During my last 2000 elite kills I felt sicker and sicker after identifying more and more HORRIBLE junk.

Tell me, who in god's name was the GENIUS that thought of implementing class-specific weapons with unspecific primary stats?

I could puke each time I see a stupid bow with strength or another mighty weapon with intelligence and dexterity but of course no strength. UNBELIEVABLE. A 4 year old would not be as stupid to think of this.

Where is the fairness, where are the rewards in this game? A player can farm for 500 hours and get nothing but crap, while some guy new to Inferno drops the perfectly rolled 1B item on his first mob.

Not that I have something against that, but if I put that much time into a game I want to be rewarded.

Another brilliant idea was to base dps mainly on the weapon dps.
How many times do I get a really amazing weapon with everything needed except for high dps?

Nearly every weapon below 850 DPS is basically useless. Great job Blizzard.

At the same time the forum is full of ideas such as "let us socket our weapons, even though if it costs a fortune" or "let us increase a weapons dps through gems and plans", but of course, Blizzard is just NOT LISTENING AGAIN.

1.2 Legendaries.

Again, unbelievable.

Look at this for god's sake:



Man am I frustrated of this.
Again, a 4 year old would not be as stupid to create crap like this.
Legendaries were buffed in 1.0.4? Then why do they still blow? You can't seriously tell me that this stuff is supposed to be "legendary". And keep in mind that these are BY FAR not the only ones I found, just the first 8 I found in my AH log. I even stopped selling them, much more fun to go into a public game on hell mode and throw them in unidentified. Sad but true story. Good job Blizzard, your legendaries aren't even worth identifying.

Either remove them or buff them significantly, end of story.

2. Nerfs, nerfs and more nerfs.

You either are completely unable to balance a game or simply have a bigger plan of how to maximize your profit by pushing customers to the RMAH through destroying their gear.
In either way you should be ashamed.

Take the Hellfire ring for example.
When the PTR hit I stayed up until 5 a.m. watching a streamer called Moldran farming this ring. As soon as I saw the ring proc for 4M damage I was amazed and thought "Wow, amazing job Blizzard. I will farm a ton for this ring, this is insane FUN"

But guess what, as it turns out the ONLY amazing and FUN legendary they were able to create is based on a BUG. How fitting. A bug can create mor fun than the developers themselves.

About your so called "balancing for the sake of built diversity":

There will ALWAYS be some skills that are used more often than others.
If you truly want to promote built diversity you DON'T do that through nerfing the popular ones TO THE GROUND.
Are you really that unable?

Hellfire proc damage nerfed from 3-4 million to 25k.

Proc rate of Storm chaser reduced from 0.5 to 0.125

Proc coefficient of Run like the wind reduced from 0.2 to 0.08

Proc coefficient of meteor reduced from 0.25 to 0.125 (or even less on specific runes)

Trail of cinders damage reduced from 1500% to 300% weapon damage over 3 seconds

WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING? Has it become your primary goal to destroy every last bit of fun this broken game has instead of repairing it?

Also note that ALL these nerfs are no slight changes, they are always way beyond reasoning.

Good going Blizzard, keep pissing of your customers with your stupid nerfing philosophy, you are making a fool of yourself.

3. End game content

Or should I say the lack of it?

With the hellfire ring being useless again, I will exactly once farm all its ingredients, craft that dumb piece and store it in my stash until I feel the need to level up.

So much for new content on 1.0.5. 6 hours of new content, AMAZING job Blizzard.

Instead of adding the so often demanded never ending dungeon you come up with this?
Don't get me wrong, the idea of uber bosses is great, but it lacks the same key criteria as the rest of the game: reward.

Your game is simply not rewarding.

Paragon levels. The most useless idea ever. Why is it useless?
Grinding four 1000+ hours just to get more main stat is NOT REWARDING. 300MF? I'm running with 364 buffed MF and it is not making a difference since you completely messed up the way MF works.

Of course you could listen to the community and add something as bonus pickup radius, bonus movement speed etc. every 10 levels, but no, you rather keep it simple instead of thinking too much about what could make the content fun.

I can't believe D3 is really what it is and I truly hope that the devs will eventually come to their minds, but seeing the changes they did thus far rather indicates the opposite.

I don't understand how a company can be as horribly stubborn and not listen to their customers. I don't get how you guys try to force us to play the way you think we should play.

I can't grasp how you dare to nerf builts for which people actually spent real money and thus betraying and stealing from them.

I had to let this out, I'm sorry for the harsh words. I still believe this game can be fixed and I very much hope so, but you guys have to start listening to what WE want. No nerfs in 1.0.5, neither on classes and neither on the Hellfire ring.

Jay himself said it best: "There is no such thing as being overpowered"

Balancing is totally fine for PvP, but not for PvE. Not when time and effort is involved, not when money is involved.

Just work together with your players, we are here and we tell you what we want, it could all be so simple.


I generally agree with everything in the Original Post. Nicely put together.
The worst part is that they hired a team that had no real passion for the previous Diablo installments. All their stories of Diablo 2 experiences were BS press/job requirements. These guys have stated they thought many of the systems of Diablo 2 were broken, which is absolute BS. The Diablo 3 team has made it clear that their only concern was to make their own mark, the previous games were made by "losers" apparently.

Diablo 3 looks like a huge success on paper, huge sales and nice rmah income justify Jay and company's failed logic and crappy game design, to them they deserve high fives. What they fail to realize is that their success is due to the previous Diablo games and the Blizzard logo. If they could have listened to the community or given in to common sense, the game might have turned out better, and rmah profits would have been disgustingly higher in a quality game that people actually can enjoy, kind of like that one game Diablo 2? Its not nostalgia, its not wanting a clone, its wanting Diablo 3 to be more like a Diablo game with choices, rewarding loot, fun co-op, and a item system that makes sense like the one those "losers" created ten plus years ago.
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NOt to me, and it just goes to show you, how much they ignore bitter kids, which takes the form of non constructive posts on a forum where most ALL people are enjoying this awesome game.


Im stilll playing, but taking a break for now, to savor the moment.


10/06/2012 09:23 AMPosted by half3vil
Everything you said has already been said over a thousand times, and blizz still doesn't care. A very depressing feeling isn't it?
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WHy dont you go argue with your favorite website, metacrtic, and ask the reviewers that gave the gave a 10 score, then come back here and tell us what the outcome was.

Is that too hard of a assignement for you bitter people ?

Yeah, I thought so.


10/06/2012 09:13 PMPosted by Kinasin
Agreed OP. Blizzard just keeps !@#$ing up.

Agreed. This game is a damn shame. There are so many complaints because hopes were so high.

Blizzard just doesn't get it.
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Reported, for masked profanity. Give it up already, no one likes your POTTY mouth.


I used to blame Kotick for this crap but 5 patches later, those amateur Diablo team out there still doesn't get it. "Oooh, for fun, lets nerf Storm Chaser and force them to use Magic Missile cos its moaaaar fun!!"

And to top it all off, they remain arrogant. Fk that loser right Jay? Then you "apologize" with your made up story "i send my wife away to play D2" yet even before release you called the FUN that we experienced in d2 was just an illusion. Well fk u Jay. D2 paid your salary today btch.

the greediness of the players, why can't you guys just be content with what we're having now? OP already has godlike gears, why are you still so pissed off?
Reported, for masked profanity. Give it up already, no one likes your POTTY mouth.


I. Dont. Care. POTTY MOUTH what are u 5? Lolololol. LOSER.
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