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Best Legendary Quiver In Game?

As a caveat, I know nothing about DH's... but was farming a3 this morning and got the following legendary quiver:

Dead Man's Legacy
- 174 Dex
- 188 Vit
- Attack speed increased by 20%
- Regenerates 82 life per second
- Increases hatred regeneration by 1.28 per second
- Critical hit chance increased by 9%
- Increases bola shot damage by 8%

Any thoughts as to the value of this quiver? I can post a picture of it if someone tells me how to do it :)
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very nice indeed
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Well congrats on getting the max APS roll.. very nice. Maybe bola shot makes a comeback for 1.0.5? Too bad on on the low life per second. If that had been + mac disc you would be most very lucky indeed.
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hah, i don't even know what bola shot is... what is it?
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normally you would want +disc but im not sure it even rolls like that on that quiver
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yea it can roll +disc instead of the regen
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many a goldpiece will find their way into your pockets if you put that up on the auction house... :-)
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arnt most of those standard rolls?
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most of them are standard, targeted quiver rolls, yeah, but the Dead Man's Legacy rolls higher atk speed, 15-20% and he got 20

no +disc as others have said, yeah; nonetheless, really nice still. I'd be interested, but bet wealthier people are too
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Anyone hazard a guess as to what this may be worth?
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wait until next friday to put it on ah, if you put it now just a few people will notice. or you can play with values during the entire week, I believe nobody can tell you because dh stuff are hard to analyse on hardcore.
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A lot bro... a lot.
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You seem to be missing another random affix.
2 magic randoms, you got 82 regen for one.

Otherwise as stated above, would need to roll + max discipline for one of the randoms and possibly high regen or all resists for the other to be "perfect" but it's still very, very good.

My DHs tend to run a shield by midway through Hell (if they survive that long) so I wouldn't be in the market so I couldn't even begin to estimate a ballpark but if it's not over 8 digits (tens of millions) I'd be shocked.
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thx all. ill adjust throughout the week
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What you want on a quiver:

+ dex
+ Vit
+ critical hit
+ disc

Things you want on the item you posted:

Attack speed over 16%
+ damage to a good skill. (Hungering arrow, or elemental arrow are the 2 favorites)

I think yours has a really good combination of roles really only missing + disc
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I'm going to keep it at a relatively even bid until this next weekend where more people are likely to see it. I really have no clue what to do with it.
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he's not missing an affix, they simply only roll 1 random. the game guide info crap is wrong about a bunch of the new legendary/set items

check softcore, these only roll 1 random affix, period

Cheers, I have had plenty roll higher stats than game guide "limits" but hadn't seen wrong number of affixes.
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lol, softcore equivalent is selling for a meager 150,000,000... gotta love that economy
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Current Bid for the quiver on the AH is 45,000,000 !! Bid now to get your chance to have this item!
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