Diablo® III

Challenge, 1 Million gold prize tank build

Clear act 3 with me without dying and by abiding to the following constrains, i will award you with 1 mil gold.

you must have and be able to prove 40+k dps, ~24 movement speed
can't skip any elites
can't hide in the corner, must tank 99% of the time.
no going to town to sell, until azmodan is dead
must do all dungeons.
and must stay with the party

if you die for any reason you will be disqualified and the run will end.

reason why i'm doing this, my challenge is to out live a tank :)
any class accepted.

reply here or add me in game, good luck!
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A WW Barbarian can tank better than a S&B. Especially at a high DPS.
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that would take extremely long for 1mil as a SnB barb... gl getting someone to do that.
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i guess

if 40k dps is too high, maybe 30k?
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Sub 1Mil and you want to the barb to:

1. Have enough resist, AC and LoH to tank ... Not cheap
2. 40k DPS using shield and board... Again not cheap...
3. Are you a troll?

Honestly, my barb has about 5mil invested with SnB onboard using the WW build. DPS is only 28k baseline, over 40k with zerker and I like NEVER die.... However its way beyond 1mil...

I think your expectation are off... but thats just me:)
Edited by Zer#1108 on 10/7/2012 1:53 PM PDT
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i'm sorry for the confusion, im not trying to buy your gear or anything.
it's just a challenge to beat act3 without dying.

if u already have decent gear we can probably clear act3 in 1.5 hours or less.
drops + xp + an extra mil, u can't really go wrong.

haha see my gear.. not cheap :)
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Im sorry I must of read the title wrong, I though you wanted to award 1Mil to a tank that can survive act 3 with cheapo gear and have all the stats you wanted:( I though it was unrealistic:S

Well, I just made an !@# of myself:)
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