Hey everyone (especially any CM's that see this):

Today it seems I had an error in one of my legendary drops: when I ID'd it, it was missing one of its baseline stats. I found a Mempo of Twilight farming act three, and it rolled with neither strength, dexterity, nor intelligence. I assume this is a bug.

Other players: has this ever happened to you?
CM's: is there any way someone from Blizzard could step in and reroll this item?

Below are links, first to Blizzard's game guide page for this legendary, and then to a screenshot of the one I found.

Game Guide page:


As you can see in the screenshot, it has the arcane resist and life regen as its 2 random properties. It also has the baseline stats of IAS, AR, +life %, and 1 socket; however, any main stat bonus is absent.

Thanks for your help!