Diablo® III

DH are the uchihas of Diablo 3

1. DH are obviously similar to Ninjas/shinobi in many ways. Cold blooded nature and superior tactical skills and discipline.

2. Following skills almost similar to an uchiha technique.
a. Cluster bomb = fire ball the most basic uchiha move.
b. Ravens = Itachis signature genjutso.
c. Lingering fog = Tobi/obitos time jutso.
d. Summoning skills
e. Chakrams, spike traps, fan of knives etc.

Glad to be a DH because Uchihas are beast in any combat. My banner is a sharringan now lol http://imageshack.us/a/img856/7155/screenshot073gj.jpg
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Hashirama >>>> Uchiha
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10/20/2012 04:41 PMPosted by TheDollars
Hashirama >>>> Uchiha

Hashirama dead<<<Madara still kicking.

No disrespect to Hashirama but seems like madaras plan was not to win that epic battle. It was simply a plan to steal his powers.
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Yeah true, but everyone knows that Naruto will defeat Madara at some point, and I believe he does have the blood of Hashirama flowing in his veins.
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