Hello everyone, some of us D3 players belong to an adult gaming clan that plays multiple games. We have a BF3 hardcore server and were looking for some more players to fill it up :) If you are mature and would like to join us as a member you can visit http://www.4thclan.com/ and apply ( can just post that you saw this thread as a reference ). We are looking for steady players to be on the server as well as admins ( All members have admin privileges ). We have a Ventrillo server as well. Feel free to come by the clan site, the Ventrillo info and server name is located there, hop in if you like to chat as well.

If just D3 is your thing we have people that play as well, including myself of course. We try to help each other out with gear, as well as farming groups etc too.

So if you like shooting people or smashing things come by and say hi!

Thanks for your time )