Diablo® III

Skorn's Dark History


Back before Sanctuary's Creation, many years before the Fifth Battle of
the Diamond Gates,the demon L'Anzuul was a soldier in the Forces of Hell.
He served under Azmodan, and he was brutal and cunning.

Ultimately, he was promoted to the head of Azmodan's forces. He fought many
battles, and never lost one. As a reward, he was given Skorn, which he imbued with his
dark power.

His forces led a mighty charge against the Gates of Heaven alongside the Prime Evils.
Unfortunately, the forces of hell competed for what part of Heavan they would take,
and therefore fell into chaos - right outside of the Diamond Gates. As Izual led the
charge to drive the demons out of hell, L ' Anzuul alone stood and fought,
determined not to let Izual ruin the entire battle. it took over 50 angels and the Anguris
Council's intervention to stop him, and he was destroyed, while his prized weapon fell to
an unknown place, not to be found by demon or angel again.
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Could Imprus not stop him alone?
Sorry can never get his name right.
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10/14/2012 09:46 AMPosted by lastcrusader
Could Imprus not stop him alone?

it may very well be that this demon's influence begun imperius's descent into pride.

who knows....
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Perhaps, or they showed him Rosy Oldonlds wikpedia picture, that could kill any thing.
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on a strange day when a barb was wandering in the burning hells looking for the keys to his stash that he lost 20 years ago when he killed baal and then the real baal he lost his keys and then diablo yells "I AM LEGIN' then barb just says ' ohh shut up diablo im not going wast my time killing you drop crapy loot' then diablo is like :( then the barb found a powerful wepon the SKORN the barb is like OMG its a its a its a skorn!!!!!!!!!!!! ohh i have wanted one for so hay this is just a crapy life on kill skorn
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that was lame

I rather something like this:

Tal'ruq and Azmodan were once brothers. They both thirsted for limitless power and when the day came for battle, they took their chance. Azmodan bred a ruthless army to conquer his foes, an army that no one could fathom. It brought nightmares upon humanity, but was eventually thwarted by the Arch Angel Tyrael. Tal'ruq learned from this, and instead of breeding an army of zombies and ghouls, he put all his evil and decay into one single weapon. It came out of the forge glowing with hatred and agony - and the only word that came to Tal'ruq's mind.. was Skorn.

I disagree.

The original story, as posted by the OP, is about a weapon becoming imbued with worth, value, and power not only because of where/how it was forged, but also due to who its wielder was.

This is akin to a car or some tool that is passed down from generation to generation, giving it a nostalgic, irreplaceable value and worth.

This is why this story is 10/10.

To the OP: I would love to read more of these. Perhaps even more about L'Anzuul and/or Skorn if you're up for the challenge.
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L ' Anzuul alone stood and fought,
determined not to let Izual ruin the entire battle. it took over 50 angels and the Anguris
Council's intervention to stop him, and he was destroyed.

over the top / highly improbable...Imperius could 1v1 any demon anyway
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