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@ Paksonghip,

My advice is no, around 50+ (50 base - anything more is a bonus) Disc Pool is very good to have!

Methinks you end up trading too much survivability.
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@Nash: you don't have bonus Disciple, I think its important for most DH. I am considering of replacing my Cloak by Inna chest, by doing that my DPS will increase about 8K but my Dis pool will be reduced to 39, anybody could advise me is it wise?

Really would depend on how well you manage your discipline. I rarely run out before i kill them but that may change with MP. I get about 5 glooms in with prep and moving around, so far it works for me. with the increase gloom time, it might work out fine.

I would say to hold off for a while till patch is in.
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Nice gear, I always like a bit of AR seems like thats just something you are not into..

BT daymoore#1430

Actually i do intend on getting the ar up. Its just when i upgrade i like to upgrade big, and i just got the calamity, so broke once again.

Next 2 pieces of gear to upgrade will shoulders-- vile wards but do not want to lose a ton of hp so im looking for dex/vit and percent life on mine, did you see how expensive those are? Yep will take me a bit to get those, but will add over 70 ar,

Gloves, i will be looking for a upgrade that includes dex, vit, ar and possibly a trifecta, again a huge expense. All in all i will get to over 300 ar but gonna take me time.

Hopefully rng will smile upon me soon :) usually sell at least 2 ml worth of gear everyday withvsome good days in there, but mostly somewhere around there, so 2-300 mil upgrades takes some time. I just keep on trucking. Plenty of room for upgrades on shoulders/gloves/bracers and 1 ring.
@AngryAndy Your legendary bracers and ring are sweet. I have not seen those before.

Question I have is, (and I am sorry is this seems rude, I am still new to diablo 3,) but where does all your dps come from?
^your vitality is a little low. I think you can get more vitality or resit from either your ring, belt or boots.

Very very nice..crazy ehp. i like the way you chose ur passives.. bet you nv run out of disc..

You are prob waiting for the patch to get the new innas or WH & rare pants combo..

Nice DH..
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@ryhza sweet gear setup, but y is the new innas gonna drop in value?
I want your litany PewPewTiuTiu lol...

Nice build! All that's lacking is a good damage roll litany

Nice gear dude .... really nice !!! gratz

ps: i'm on eu ( http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ma%C3%A0t-2470/hero/2320656 )
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@Maat. Your setup looks good to me man. I'm sure someone will chime in and say you need AR, but I don't see the point... Guess that's the flavor of the month. I would say get your CD and CC up and you could use a little more attack speed to get the most out of that maticore.

I haven't played in a little over a month tho, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

@anyone that critiques my gear... what should i upgrade next on my way to 150k dps?
not interested in AR (haven't played on the ptr yet tho...)
@Torbjorn you probably should invest more on All Resist because I tested in on PTR the nerf with gloom damage reduction to 35% is very punishing. To achieve greater DPS you want to increase crit chance, but the cost would be very expensive with your current gear.

Anyone want to comment my gear? I have andariel helm with 64 AR in storage, current helm is only for exp. I'm bidding amulet with same property but with 56 AR.
@henryhung..nice..i hv no comment on ur DH since mine is not as good as urs
@henryhung..nice..i hv no comment on ur DH since mine is not as good as urs
@ mfr

i actually think i commented in a thread you started earlier about upgrades or something, but here goes anyway

you have great survivability but could easily sacrifice some of that for more crit chance damage and dexterity. maybe start toward a nat set? and definitely crit chance on your jewelry

@ HenryHung, your look pretty sold. Some movement speed on the boots might help. Not sure if upping the gems would be worth the $

Very nice non-Nats gear. You could probably find a cloak with +10 max disc to replace your chest armor. You'd probably lose a slight bit of dex and/or vital, and be about -10 in AR (unless you get a really good snipe), but I think the 10 extra disc would be worth it.
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@ Plex

To be honest everything looks solid, a good combination of damage, survivability and MF. Better bracers possibly?
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