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Not too often I run into a tankier DH than me, let alone 20 times tanker. You look pretty optimzed in terms of getting the best offense you can while having godly defense; are you looking to increase DPS at all? I would suggest a Danetta's Revenge like mine, but 300 vitality would be a lot to lose off your 1-hander.


Fan of your gloves man. I've been looking for an upgrade on my pair with 200+ dex, 30+ CHD and 8+ CHC, and MF% for awhile, but no success. And yours has IAS on top of that!

Solid hunter. I'd say a decent Vile Ward could be your next upgrade.

Thanks man. People really shouldn't shy away from the rmah. I spent 25 dollars on these gloves and won via bid. And in reality they are worth much more IMO. I had already made enough money from the rmah to supplement the occasional real money buy. But yes I've been looking towards a vile ward. Thanks for the comments ^
also @plex

You have a really nice tank+dps combo. 50k Hp and resists while having 100k+ dps is going to be really helpful with the coming patch. Right now I get 2-3 shorted at mp9-10 but I definitely think you won't have any problem dying while still pushing out reasonable dps and carrying mf!
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You could use more beef. low vit and res. However you do have some nice pieces, like your dead man's and manticore is alright.

First of all, nice dh name. You have good dps considering you do not use ss, sa, archery.
I would upgrade the gems to at least a 'star' quality first. Looking at your belt, it could also use for upgrading. Not sure if you are saving up for inna's favor.

Nice dps on your manticore, and i like your dead mans too. Overall, good dh mate. :)
Nice dps on ur dh, could use an upgrade on ur belt for more dps too

Awesome life regen! That would be amazing to deal with any reflect elite/champion packs.
Genesis- Nice setup. i think your resist is a little low though.
Hard to find helm. I'm jealous. no crit chance on left ring?
very balance.

add me for speed runs lol.
JuzamDjinn- I'm going to wait until 1.05 to see what lvl 63 rings look like. In the mean time, I like the vitality and AR that that ring give me.

Your Helm is pretty good too, with the high Dex and Vitality.
@destroyer 10/10

crazy gear you have there

Pretty nice setup for an alternate character. Good DPS and AR. You could use a little more HP, but that depends on your goals. If it's just to beat inferno you're already more than ready.

Nice damage and DH :-)
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@FortMccuble i'd say more critical dmg and Get yourself a cheap nats embrace that 7% crit will help!
7/10 SwitterS, upgrade your shoulders. And try to get more vit.
nice health globe bonus, try to get more cc so u can stop relying on ss wait for new patch n get the new jewellery
^very nice life regen, and dps.
I would a rating of mine. Can't really comment on others yet. Thanks in advance.
^ 5/10
Its not hard to find whats wrong with a build...
the problem is being able to afford to have the stats
Mine missing attack speed~~

Its way too expensive to have attack speed on the decent gears~~
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