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Name The Next Upgrade for the Wizard Above#3!

10/15/2012 01:20 PMPosted by Dazzle
@mth I'd upgrade to a Zunimassa's Plague (ring) to get that +130 int.

cant afford a pox with crit chance yet , its ridiculously expensive :/
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mth act3 is faceroll instant style but i think u will be right for higher mp level on 1.05
@Dazzle: I'd get a new pair of gloves and source -- it looks like you're either on a tight budget or working with found items though, so I'm not sure what your options are :)
Darshu: Maybe some additional run speed w/ Lacuni Prowlers?

(If somebody does me I'm aware I need better Gems lol).
@Chaoflux: I actually have a pair of both Lacuni's and Inna's pants I could use, (i use the lacunis for farming) but I was excited because this setup finally got me over the 10k Heroscore barrier :)

For you, I'd upgrade the boots first for sure.
@Darshu, nice setup. I guess try to upgrade your gloves next.
Ahh, gotcha.. will take boots into consideration but will probably go for some depth diggers next... I seldom die w/ my farming runs at this point so anything to increase my chances of hitting the jackpot, even if only slightly, seems like a good deal to me lol..
mcurley: a triumvirate would up your dps pretty dramatically
10/15/2012 02:01 PMPosted by Chaoflux
mcurley: a triumvirate would up your dps pretty dramatically

Been thinking about getting a source for some time now. Why a Trium over a say a chantodo's or tal's source? I thought the % damage's are better for people using black weapons so I've been leaning towards a chantodo's
mucrley- Well, the market is definitely oversaturated with them and they're a good bang for the buck... sure, may net you a few thousand more dps w/ a black weapon, but still would be pretty good upgrade regardless... I figure eventually you want to swap out your weapon for one w/ lifesteal if you're running archon as well.
@chaoflux probably a chest with more int, Id grab a zunis marrow and go for the 2 peice bonus.
10/15/2012 02:23 PMPosted by Snarentear
@chaoflux probably a chest with more int, Id grab a zunis marrow and go for the 2 peice bonus.

You need more crit dam, attack speed, and crit chance. If you got gold to spend trifecta gloves, amulet, and rings are they way to go but very expensive.
@mcurley Your dps is good enough to go pure archon build, you just need a weapon with lifesteal for damage reflect packs. Which is a great excuse to get a black wep. % damage bonuses like zuni boots (which u have), tals ammy and triumvirate are too good not to take full advantage of.

I paid 9 mil for the wep im using, just find one with a low starting bid and you should be able to win it for a decent price.
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Pls HELP! Need to know what I should focus on next, I know I need a Witching Hour but what can I do to increase my DPS? Any particular things? Thanks in advance!
Oh and @Snarentear....nice Wiz...maybe a little more health?
@Samulayo, more Crit Chance, and 50k health with all that resist and the shield is a little over kill. Focus on getting some more Damage and keep some of that survivability.
@samulayo thanks. black wep + triumvirate would probably net you the biggest dps gain. Also, give the puzzle ring to your follower and get one with int+crit+crit damage. Same with your amulet, int+crit+crit damage. Dont go spending a boatload on jewelry tho, the patch coming soon is going to increase the stats on rings and amulets.
@rank never geared a cm wizard but ill take a stab at it. Crit chance on your helm, I know it will be crazy expensive for int+crit+apoc+socket. New boots? zunis or ice climbers?
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