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Name The Next Upgrade for the Wizard Above#3!

You're OP
@iAmzertal crit chance on the mempo.

I dont know what to upgrade next. Trying to convert to cm wiz from archon to be able to do ubers.
I'd probably go for a new ring, zuni's pox would be a pretty awesome upgrade and it would give you that 3 set bonus but I would go for a higher end one, with cc.

I am too trying to convert from hydra/bliz to a cm for ubers but I have so much gear I need to get me there and it's all so expensive. I want to get the witching hour and a tal rasha's chest with ar because they seem like a solid choice for any build but not sure. I have 250mill saved up too..
Ley you look like you have some sweet gear, maybe go with a new Amulet? I just picked up a Tal Rasha's Allegiance and it's pretty solid.
Cortech, gear look alright but u need to start getting all resist stats as part of ur affix to be able to do higher mp lvl. So guys how bout mine
deadshock, looks like you could use more int on your vile ward.

My budget: ~3m
deadshock, looks like you could use more int on your vile ward.

My budget: ~3m

It seems that Arcane Orb is your only source of damage, and so far you have no APoC. With Prism and Storm Armor, the AP cost of Orb is 10, so if you can find 10 APoC, it would be so sweet. I suggest changing your source, with 3m you can easily find a source with higher dps and 10 APoC, while still having that +CC on Arcane Orb.

Good luck!

Get some movement speed.

(my profile doesnt update with my current headgear. AR should be +535 and CC should be +50.5%)
Can someone help guide me where is the best "Bang for the gold" for my char?

I know there are many pieces which will need serious upgrade, but I'm not planning to shell out real cash to ruin my fun towards end game (otherwise i'd just drop $1k and get a bunch done)....

If you were playing my char and have limited gold, and have 1 wish list to upgrade, what is the best bang for the buck? (ie. things under 100mn gold)
You gear is all pretty nice, almost any upgrade of significance would be expensive. It is my opinion that you have more than enough AR. If you were to save up for a mid range Witching Hour (belt), I think you could add 10-20k DPS for under 100mill, they've gone down in price to where a low end one can be found as cheap as 22mill (cheapest I've seen).
1. Change the rings!
2. Use Zuni chest if you want to keep your AR, if not try Tal chest.
3. Also consider changing your weapon to a "black" one (no elemental dmg) so that you benefit from your tri offhand's bonus dmg.
@Zennoia upgrade that belt or chest. Chest with a Zunni and the belt with something with higher rolls. Also, right ring could use some help too.
@ Zennoia

The Tyrael's might have to go.Get something with all resist,3 sockets,intelligence and vitality.It's holding you back cause of the lack of vitality and sockets.(Hint:Tal Rasha ).You can replace your movement speed with lacuni prowlers,preferably 1 with crit chance but they're really expensive.
Another viable option for upgrade would be getting the zunimasa pox.

PS:Nice skorn with life steal ^^
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@ Aeze

I think you can get a better belt for cheap, or maybe you should save for a Witching Hour.

EU profile : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Skenn-2587/hero/1304218
@ Skenn

Everything looks pretty solid, I would be looking to get a new source, only because the legendaries have now come down in price substantially!
I have no clue. Looks damn good to me.
Zunknown.....Need to upgrade chest maybe zuni or Tals or belt WH, you can find a better chest with regen and int for no too much.
@Gcanum, Try to get some Crit on your Storm Crow.
@rank, get a weapon with a socket for CD. you can also complete your Chantodo set or your zuni set. Love your helmet though!
@ChocolateJJ : Right ring, bracers and shoulder
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