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Name The Next Upgrade for the Wizard Above#3!

10/08/2012 12:40 AMPosted by ahngao
what i need to update to get more dps ? attacking speed and a trium? thanks

You have high defense, high crit hit chance...

start replacing gear with stuff that has crit hit dmg and higher intel (ammy and rings for exa,ple)
^^ for bdf prolly helmet next

someone make some suggestions on my wizzy !
@BDF, if i buy a trium like yours , how much dps i will earn ?

I would look to getting some boots with movement speed. They are still quite useful, even if you are CM. If you insist upon not getting movement speed, you could pick up a pair of ice climbers with nice stats without movement speed decently cheap.
Hell Draener love the Life Regen but get some DPS ;) I have a free weapon in my stash thats better if you want it.

Witching hour / zuni boots with all resist. After that, some crit lacauni prowlers :D. Not gonna be cheap. :O
Maybe Zuni Pox with CC + AS to get more 130int bonus
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Yeah sold my zuni before this patch will have to wait until after 1.05 to get a 6% one .
Hi, are there any cheap upgrades possible at me?

profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/LordManaRain-2692/hero/1832019

You can upgrade boots, pants, source and weapon pretty cheap.
Boots: 50 AR, 120int, 70 vit, 12 movements speed
Pants: 50 AR, 90 int, 120 vit, 2 sockets
Source: 400 total damage (min+max), 8 crit, some ap on crit, 50+ int
Weapon: 800 dps, 100 int, lifesteal, socket, crit dmg 50%
@Draener - Well, clearly you're wearing a specific gear type designed for a very strange and completely different fighting/farming strategy. But I can't name an upgrade for that.

I do have to say that I'll see if I can copy at least the exp bonus portion - I never knew about that set and your plan is brilliant.
^ Always love seeing my old build

You could make an upgrade on belts/source though

And change fracture -> calamity :)

740 intelligence? is this a serious build? cain's fate was death, dude.

I would upgrade that belt into a Tal's or the Witching hour.

Now someone help me out with my next upgrade.

I am currently deep in the midst of a furious game of "Catch that Barbarian". So far, all attempts have been unsuccessful, but I remain confidant that I will one day catch glimpse of said mythical beast. I have been tracking him for days, and judging from the massacre and loot left behind, he has no sense of remorse.
upgrade me plz im stuck at 53k
@hotmustard -- your are only lvl 40, evetthing can be upgraded. find a better weapon
@arckin2 -- Shoulders could be better, maybe bracers with more critical chance. not bad though
@draener -- you are never gonna catch a barb when you sport less intelligence than him. even you learn alot from killing one little fallen
Im stuck too... at 120k dmg. please help me out.

Get a pair of zunimassas trail. This will give you the set bonus, and your skorn will allow full benifit of the % psn dmg.

playing always in party with ww barb, 30m to spend, need moar dps :)
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