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Name The Next Upgrade for the Wizard Above#3!

^ Whoa... I don't know where to start

Main hand, Andariel, belt or pants :S

Should seriously take a look on those I've mentioned.

Your actually not sitting too bad with the gear that you have currently.

Obviously a higher DPS weapon with INT/CD/socket + LS/LOH is ideal.

And a 70-300+ damage orb/source with INT/CC/APOC will be a nice upgrade as well. Look for triumverates if you want higher paper dps. They are expensive now though.

Other then that your unbuffed 60k dps is not as bad as you think it is. If you used the same buffs as me you would probably be sitting close to 90k dps.
First time poster, definitely broke! Need upgrade advice for less than 5 mil. Any advice appreciated.

Your going to need more VIT as well. 22k really low. As well your resistance is too low. You seem to a little bit of it on a lot of items. Maybe focus on getting more that would help.

Your LOH on the rings are completely negilible I hope you didn't pay a premium for them, because and extra 40 and 20 loh is not going to change the world for you.

To increase DPs, look to increase your INT on all items if possible.

Biggest DPS booster would be to get a better damage source.

Your Andrials helm is probably doing more damage then good for you, the 20% fire damage is a BIGGGGG handicap.
@Boozor, try to boost more AR..... other than that, rest is good enough
@AudiR8GT - You, sir, are a god among wizards. There isn't a single upgrade I could recommend that would be something you didn't already know or have. I bow to superior experience.
@Loralon I'd say go for a better amulet, or gloves if you can't find an affordable upgrade on amulets.
^ Get a better pants and belt
How about me?
@Ahwqtdfbajkq: better gloves
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i would switch to a 1hander + source to get alot more attack speed.

Yeah, I really want to, I'm just having a hard time finding a 1h/source combination that does more damage, within my budget.

Nice setup for a starter. Just farm more gold for now :D
Buy a new weapon and give me your current one. That is all. Also try and get more intelligence on your Amulet and such.

id change the bracers to ones with AR and then change the shield to a good source
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I would like to see a socket on the helm or an upgrade to the pants with more AR

here is my profile if someone does me. I couldnt find how to switch from the SC icon.
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@drussell, i don't give any suggestion unless u tell me if that's ur actual gear, or ur MF gear, if is ur MF gear, then i won't give any suggestion
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Edit: I would suggest an upgrade for Audi, but it may be impossible
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@OnSugarHill should probably upgrade armor & boot......
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@OnSugarHill should probably upgrade armor & boot......

Yeah I really want to. What would you suggest? I'm also going Archon build. Are Zuni's the way to go? I really want to be able to retain most of my resistance and I believe the Zuni boots are expensive w/ All Res.

I've been thinking about going Zuni boots, Inna's pants, and Tal's Chest but it would be very expensive to retain my res/vit w/ those three items.
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