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@meichai ....sweet build :D 8outta 10 :)
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10/08/2012 12:18 PMPosted by G3N3S1S
@meichai ....sweet build :D 8outta 10 :)

Thanks, some long hours looking for deals in the AH but happy with what I got for under 5mil.
@Meechai luls i also spent less than 5mills on mine xP dps not as great though XD
sorry i misspelled yar name :3
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@ Google337

i dont even want to guess how much you've spent on your gear. im guessing well over $700.

P.s. i work in Google Quad, where you at?
holy shiet Google...that's almost like my dream setups except i'd prefer a 1400 LS Skorn...very sick barb 10/10. How much did u get those gloves for btw?
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@tokenflip, 7.5/10 I'd recommend upgrading gems. They are dirt cheap. Might go up at 1.0.5 IF more people do play again..
@lin, like the setup can use a few upgrades here and there but your stat ratio is looking pretty solid, 8.5/10
1.7b faaaaaack me....total of ur set? i reckon u should try to get a trifecta ring or ammy with AR? rare for a ring to roll like that but should be able to find an ammy though...imagine a trifecta AR ammy with max double crit and ias eh?

9/10, really nice pieces. Curious why you are 4/5 on IK. Weird amount of the set to have. You could switch one of those pieces out for a way better one or get 5/5 for the fury and regen.
@decara -pretty solid all around. i'd say 8.7/10
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10/08/2012 11:57 AMPosted by Lorenze
@CDFH wow how much did those pants and armor cost. probly the best non socketed pants ive seen.

ahh didnt get a gd deal on em.. about 800mil total for both iirc.
@doctaphilly woah brah pretty sweet build 9 out of 10....how much did it cost ya to get there...if theres any guestimate?
umm i got skipped?

10/08/2012 01:01 PMPosted by Haunted
@decara -pretty solid all around. i'd say 8.7/10
@G3n3s1s - not bad dude, nice damage. I feel like your pants leave a little something to be desired in the way of sockets, but you have a good AR rating... Gems could use some upgrading. 6.5/10
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