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@Spook 9.9/10 only thing holding you up is no Move Speed
@Matty bro you need to get some MS as well and more AR.....
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10/08/2012 02:22 PMPosted by Ludacris
@Matty bro you need to get some MS as well!

Move speed
ludacris - awesome barb, very very cost efficient. only thing i'd change is getting a different pair of pants, since life on hit doesnt have any synergy with skorn. a different pair with more str/AR would be better.

edit - oh i see you have the blackthorne chest too. i guess what i would do (eventually) is replace pants and get a good deal on IK chest and IK helm. this will net you more stats in the end.
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Can someone please rate my barb? Thanks
@BlueTaco - Nice dps. I'll go 7/10 mainly because im not a fan of ww skorn. If you had the same dps with DW id give you a 9/10.
@cloud9 awesome gear, 9.5/10
@badboy wow thats pretty awesome gear with so little kills. 8.5/10
10/08/2012 03:43 PMPosted by Google337
im the best barb why do i always get skip?

eh no fun. cookie cutter build.
@Liebster 5/10 Nice S$B need to get that DPS up man
100k Dps! You hit the mark! very nice! Keep going

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Nice gears with 200k DPS!! Wow.. What can I say more.. Top notch! Hope to get there some there I hope.. 9.5/10
umm i got skipped?

Nice barb, 9.5/10! Nice full IK set (ignoring 2H here lol)
No clue why you're using a Devil Tongue though. Also I've discovered the hard way that making your weapons into stat sticks is bad. You're eventually gonna want some 1200 1H and the only way to DREAM of affording that is if it only has a socket and base crit. You're gonna need to learn to get Str and Vit from elsewhere. CC on your shield would help too.

10/08/2012 01:11 PMPosted by G3N3S1S
@doctaphilly woah brah pretty sweet build 9 out of 10....how much did it cost ya to get there...if theres any guestimate?

I think my gear costed at most 150 mil. I'm hoping these were good deals :)

You could probly swap out for some massive 150 str 150 vit rare booties with your ms covered by innas though it is somewhat of a build commitment.
do me do me. i'm a new barb
10/08/2012 05:22 PMPosted by scrapz
do me do me. i'm a new barb

good start 8/10

just get another MS item.

bad !@# monk btw.
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@scrapz - 4/10 - increase your STR mate
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