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@Gusty - nice WW barb! 8/10
can rate me 2k life regen 90k hp, 1.2k LOH 5.8 % life leech and 120k dps. tys. abd help me improve
10/08/2012 05:31 PMPosted by doctaphilly
@scrapz - 4/10 - increase your STR mate

9.5/10. Crazy good tank, especially with that DPS! All of your gear is pretty good. Nice CC mempo. I suppose a next step would be to get a primary stat CC mempo. Losing a lose of Str there

You could probly swap out for some massive 150 str 150 vit rare booties with your ms covered by innas though it is somewhat of a build commitment.

Do you think I should bother with Ice Climbers? I'd be saving a fortune since MS Ice Climbers are what cost a ton.

Yes thats actually the ideal choice and a viable variant over traditional lacuni+MS boots. IC without MS are incredibly cheap and you should be able to find beefy looking stat climbers at fairly low cost. I actually think inna pants is one of the most interesting items in the game for barb as the MS and IAS are incredibly valuable and found only on a few gear pieces.
Needs work, but lots of potential! 6/10
I think another IK piece would help out immensely with the +60 AR bonus since you're sorta lacking there. But then again, for a good piece, you'd have to save quite a bit. Your call man
Thanks man! Hope for any ik gears to drop for me although its a long shot tho.. Haha!
10/08/2012 05:27 PMPosted by Gusty
do me do me. i'm a new barb

good start 8/10

just get another MS item.

bad !@# monk btw.

thanks brother, any recommendation on what piece to get with MS?
Scrapz, needs some work but good start, or budget ww barb.
@ktulu87 resists could be higher. 8/10 though. the pants could use some resists!
10/08/2012 06:39 PMPosted by CDFH
@ktulu87 resists could be higher. 8/10 though. the pants could use some resists!

That will be my next upgrade, also my low roll IK helm, waiting on rings and ammys till next patch :D. Thanks

8 for you. Nice and balance.
Edited by Horngyuh80#6218 on 10/8/2012 8:07 PM PDT

9/10 nice gear for a weapon throw barb
Great set gear and fun set up. Ive been wanting to try a throw barb. You are awesome HornyGuy
Thx for the nice comments..

But why everyone call me hornyguy... =.=!

Your ammy was the 1st trificx that i ever seen with so much status and %hp. WOW!
Your skorn was the 1st i seen with bonus to elites... cool....
9.5 for ya.

You are using Butcher sickle too. =)
7 for ya. Keep upgrading.
Edited by Horngyuh80#6218 on 10/8/2012 8:22 PM PDT
@airrodarian more work needs to be done 6/10.

Get more str, crit chance and crit dmg. Ias will help too lster
@Leolaw82 nice weapons! I would upgrade shoulders and probably look into upgrading your gems as they are pretty cheap now.
great barb. 9/10
get some more vit.
@Linsanity: I'm liking the IaS stacking, that's what'll really set apart which WW barbs will survive comfortably into 1.0.5, that and having LS on all gear possible with a little extra LoH, but dude, your just crazy geared up like a g, what the hell am i supposed to say? Max out your gems? that's about it from reaching perfection, your gear costs hundreds of millions of gold easy. The all resist may seem to have a little bit to desire, but taking the defensive bonuses of the IK set, who cares. The stacked damage to elites is nice too. I'd be so down to have such baller gear, I'm in awe.
@Ohms: nice build, decent stats for ww although i have never tried that particular build out myself just going by what i have seen from other ww barbs. i guess the obvious would be more str and vit, both of which should be pretty cheap for that build as AR isn't as important for a ww as a tank. just going by stats i would say 6/10.
Designed from the ground up to farm Act 3 efficiently. With Paragon and NV, I'm sitting at right about 330 MF full-time. The demon damage/movement speed from the chest armor really helps and I blow through stuff like crap through a goose.

I just have to find a 1-hander with tons of extra crit damage and I'm golden. The 67k DPS is unbuffed thank God.

Bad equips. Brag about mf.
BTW, at my paragon level, i am having 330+mf too.
My DPS is 100k++ using WW.

You are suppose to rate the barb above you.
Not brag how good you are.
The person below you will rate you.
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