Diablo® III

TL2 20 hours in

I really like it so far but don't think its a reason not to play D3. TL2 is what you play when your pissed off at not getting any drops after a 100 hours of D3 and decided you want to play something more rewarding for your time. Do I see it being shorter lived the D3? With out mods yes. Is it more than worth the $20? Yes with out question!!!!!!!!!!!
TL2 is a clone of D3 in a lot of ways but on the other hand gives you much more replay value and a different style of game play too. I could see going back to it after not playing for a while just to kill stuff time and time again. With D3 once you have your lvl 60 wiz there is no point in playing another one. In TL2 there is and you can see what you mist the first time around with the skill tree. So both games are worth having if you like arpgs.
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For me its never been an either/or.

I play lots of games, a few hours here and there.

I think I'm finally feeling like I got my $60 worth out of D3...
TL2 for $20. I got that back

I still have issues with D3, and all of my friends refuse to play.
The issues I have with TL2 are kinda not worth complaining about because hey, $20.

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Pretty much ^.

I loved D3. I loved BL2. If Torchlight 2 was better optimized (seriously, it sucks on my ery powerful computer regardless of settings) I may enjoy it.

My enjoyment of one game doesn't detract from my enjoyment of another.
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TL2 got boring to me within 10 hours or so. For the very reason people hate D3, I hate TL2. D3's loot system is all about time invested. TL2 loot system is all about having enough inventory space to hold the ridiculous amount of gear that drops (making it have no value at all.)
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