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WD - Inferno Diablo down..

Just joined the group.

I was in act3 up to Cydea for about 2 weeks, but wanted to finish before 1.05 hits. Took down Azmodan last night, and finished act4 today.

Only really scary moment was getting caught in one of Diablo's bone cages with 50% life. Proc'd SV and was cursed with the curse that drains life or something. I had to run around with 216 regen per sec trying not to die, running out the timer on SV. My shadow roll was nice too, spiders and grasp of the dead.

Still took nearly 25 minutes to finish him. I started with 5nv and it was about 45 seconds from expiring when he finally went down.
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Grats, I just finished diablo today too. Act4 packs were scarier than diablo oh my lord. I didn't get down to a red screen on Diablo, but I guess I am an OP barb that can stun his cage spell.

I just checked diablo progress for the first time, have only 295 people in the Americas really finished HC? We are in good company.
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Grats to you too.

I messed up on Diablo. If I'd been paying attention and not gotten caught in the bone cage I would have been fine. Still would have taken as long. It was 25 minutes too, not 5. Corrected that in my post.

Yeah, the packs were scary. Lots of arcane, desecrater. Toughest for me was probably a pack of Morlu Incinerators with molten/shielding/arcane/something. Pulled them right out of a spire entrance so I had no room to kite. There were two Mallet Lords further along the causeway to the room and those things destroy my pets, so I couldn't go there either. I kept having to do some damage, drop back to the previous spire, TP to town, wait for CD's, repeat. Pre 1.04 I would have had to restart.
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How much LoH/leech did u have?
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I had 400 LoH, pre inferno penalty. The gear in my profile is what I was wearing.
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More winners... /sigh. I'm officially getting jealous of everyone.

Grats guys!
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