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Problem with Rare Items Dropping

Just wondering if anyone has the same problem that I have... every now and then when I have 5 stacks of valor a rare monster(s) don't drop a rare item when, it is stated that it is guaranteed a rare item for every pack with 5 stacks of valor...
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yeah happens to me occasionally, and mostly on bosses or golden boys..or elites, okay well it happens more often then not, i don't have huuuge magic find, but oh well, i just play around for fun and dip into the ah if i really need something specific.

i remember reading that you are guaranteed a rare drop on 5 stack but i think that was pre patch 1.4 or something, it could have been changed
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You're not guaranteed a rare from a Purple(named) mob, but Champions/Rares should if you have 5 stacks.

Which are you fighting?
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@ Narull Yeah I'm versing yellow and blue elites.
@ Amos just read the NV page
"In addition to bonuses to magic and gold find, an active Nephalem Valor buff grants one extra drop (one additional piece of random loot) from certain bosses for each stack of the buff that you have."
It doesn't mention it being one extra drop which guarantee's to be rare :/ , just one extra random drop
I've guessed they changed it...
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It doesn't say "guaranteed to be rare" because it could also be set/legendary.

It is guaranteed to be at least 4-prop rare though.

At least, I've never not got one while on 5 stacks.

Bear in mind, the guaranteed item always drops last, so if lots of stuff drops the name can be pushed off the screen making it difficult to see. Sometimes you have to pick up a few blues/run over the gold to be able to see it.
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When this happens to me I usually get a flawless square gem instead. Is that other people's experience?
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From my experience:

- if I don't get drop like 1 rare and few whites and no blues from anything in first 10-20 seconds, I leave. Rare mobs have 5+ slots, so if I get mix of whites and blues, I leave. It should be yellow and white only to keep me motivated :)
- with > 250 %MF to start and no NV most of the times 2/3 yellows 3/2 whites. 5NV gives 4 yellows, 1 white, gems and toms, something like that.

All legs I got at >350%MF. This is how it works for my DH.
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sounds like the noobs are fighting purples.

cant see anything through that purple haze
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