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Make loot better/less boring (whine thread)

First, for every class there should be a passive Weapon Block chance. A warrior, even if wielding a shield and a sword, will occasionally use the weapon to block. Therefore, it is only logical to add this to the game.
Weapon Block amount would be relative to item class (more sturdy the weapon, higher block amount) and should never match, much less exceed that, the block amount with a shield.

Moving on to the topic idea, though...

Strength should increase Block Amount (both Weapon and Shield style), as well as add to Armor (current)

Dex should increase Block Chance, as well as Dodge Chance (which it currently does)

Intelligence should increase Resistances (which it does) as well as reduce cooldowns on everything, including potions.

Vitality should increase Health (it does), as well as resource regeneration. The definition of Vitality typically includes "mental vigor" (per dictionary.com), so again this is only logical.

Implement the above changes, and loot will still have the same "boring" affixes (we didn't create any new ones), but those same affixes are now more useful, making loot better/less boring.... and we've come full circle.

Thoughts? Feedback? Other ideas?
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Oh yeah. I forgot that nothing gets read unless it's a whine thread. I will now change the title.
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Am I sexist for playing a female character? is up to 20 pages.

But generally I agree with you, the Primary Stats are pretty bland. I like your ideas.

Overall, Itemization, stats and skills all need help.
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I was thinking of the "sexist" thread too, but there is only so much room for a title...

Obviously I believe itemization is terrible, and I would prefer adding completely new affixes.. but I think that that change is more time consuming that my proposal.
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bump for (hopefully) more discussion
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^ Bump
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That wouldn't make loot any more interesting. At the moment primary stats play a massive role and what you're suggesting is to make them even more important.

If anything, the reverse should be done. Give primary stats diminishing returns at high values, so you only need a certain amount of your primary stat and can use other pieces of gear with none of your primary stat without gimping yourself. That would be a start, anyway.
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So what your saying is make the game more like Torchlight 2
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10/06/2012 06:07 PMPosted by Malicious
So what your saying is make the game more like Torchlight 2

In some ways, the game definitely should be more like Torchlight 2.

In TL2, different weapon types have meaningful differences beyond just speed and damage.

Claws bypass armor. Maces stagger enemies. Polearms have greater reach. Weapons vary in their ability to hit multiple enemies (like a barbarian's cleave, but innate to the weapon). Claws don't cleave at all, maces a lot.

Similarly, different types of spells inflict status effects. Fire causes a DoT that bypasses armor. Cold, poison and electricity all have their separate effects. Spells and items then key off of these status effects, offering entirely new gameplay.

There are others, as well. D3 could learn a lot from TL2, though that's not to suggest that TL2 has everything right.
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