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PVP will be an expansion pack

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Tools everywhere.

What does this even mean?
10/12/2012 01:05 PMPosted by Aplaudible
Have you even looked at my monk retard? lol He only does 6k dps less then your barb AND yours even has ruthless and weaponsmaster....so I think YOU should learn to play cause without those you'd have less DPS then me scrub

If you have such a good monk why are you whining for barbs lol? "Scrub" terminology will get you banned so don't use it on me too. Your monk is ok but don't think too high of yourself. 80k dps is still low. Barbs are not OP you just need to learn to play your class and stop whining like a little girl:)
10/13/2012 09:35 AMPosted by BurningRope
What does this even mean?

The 5$ joke is a stupid one that all the haters and whiners in this forum invented. In their opinion one has not the right to like D3. We MUST all hate it just because they do. So anyone who likes the game is being payed 5$ from Blizzard and that's supposed to be the joke.. Go figure.
10/10/2012 04:42 PMPosted by SkiTz
From a fan's perspective, I will say we will only believe it once it's actually true. Until then, no matter what Blizzard says will be taken with a grain of salt.

Oh man you are a boss.. So menacing. Blizzard should be afraid of you if you take their words with a grain of salt lol. If the pvp was out on release you and all the other whining kids will be the first to cry that it isn't balanced and it suucks so pls give the rest of us a break and stop posting.
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What does this even mean?

The 5$ joke is a stupid one that all the haters and whiners in this forum invented. In their opinion one has not the right to like D3. We MUST all hate it just because they do. So anyone who likes the game is being payed 5$ from Blizzard and that's supposed to be the joke.. Go figure.

paied 5$ to support blizzard.

thats the joke.....

..... why is nobody laughing?
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Lawsuit, no. Angry players, yes. But the what else is new. All anyone ever does in these forums is bi*ch, or try and help warn others about glitches for which they get made fun of. What else is new? Blizzard has nothing to lose - the infighting has out done any direct address to the devs. Indeed, blizzard could do nothing more for us regarding D3 and they would be golden.

Truth is, with the maturity of 99.9% of the players (as I have gleaned from these forums), I'm on blizzard's side. F*ck us.

Oh, and bottom line, DRM or the PC game equivalent gives us no powers what-so-ever in regard to legal action. You don't even own the game... you just pay to use theirs.
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10/12/2012 12:20 PMPosted by Lylirra
This is just "we couldn't fit it in by release; so, we are going to act like we worked really hard on all of this things post-launch to show the players we are listening."

In terms of PvP, we didn't feel like the system we had at the time we launched Diablo III was up to par, so we elected not to release it along side the actual game. We're continuing to work on PvP, though, and are currently looking to release it with 1.1.0 as a free content update (as we've said before). We also hope to share more updates in the near future on its progress.

In terms of the actual game, our development team had total say on if and when Diablo III was ready for release, and we shipped it only after we felt it had met our vision for what a great game could be on day 1. Every game that Blizzard has released, though, has had some problems after launch -- either in terms of design or actual bugs. Even with lots of internal testing and a public beta, certain issues can be very difficult to find or predict and only come to light once millions of players have logged in, pushed the limits of the game's design, and shared their feedback.

And that's okay, because one of the things that has always stood out about Blizzard is that we're never satisfied with our games and will continue to work on them for years after release to make them more balanced, more engaging, and (hopefully) more fun. Patches, hotfixes, class balances, new systems -- this is all part of the normal process for supporting a Blizzard game and its community post-launch, and we'll continue to grow and improve Diablo III for a long time to come. Paragon, Monster Power, and Infernal Machine are great examples of this, but they certainly weren't features we sat on for the initial release of the game. They were ideas we explored after watching how players progressed and seeing what we could do to make the user experience better and more fulfilling.

Just keep providing us with your feedback and talking to us about what you like (and, more importantly, what you don't), and we'll do everything we can to make this game one of Blizzard's greatest.

Stop talking as if the Blizz you are talking about is the same Blizz as 6 years ago. Your intentions of cash grabs are pretty apparent and it shows in the fundamental functions of your games. I have no doubt the current Blizz team worked hard on D3 as it is a polished game. And I also have no doubt that they are working hard to improve the game (as long as it doesn't hurt their bottom line through the RMAH too much).

You see you have no right to sound righteous as you are making money off virtual items that you created and regulate....just as the dupers in D2 have no right to be righteous about selling their duped items.
I just wish they'd listen and communicate to us more. I'm from EU so obviously barely any real listening / communicating with us suckers. No matter how many times I point out build diversity could be increased, people could feel they have more ways to play the game and it'd be more fun if they just balanced the classes and weapon styles a bit better it never gets listened to. All I want is to be a tank monk with good damage (about 60k) but to get anywhere near that (never mind 150k etc.) you need either the most elite gear or to go easy mode and be a crit damage dual wielder.
It sucks how badly designed the game is that at the end of the day just stacking up crit damage and crit chance basically can make the difference between 30k and 100k dps so anyone wanting to use a shield and be useful at tanking for there allies is basically doing it wrong.

I'm a melee class designed with defensive passives? Oh wait screw that, 1.0.5 will see to it that dual wielding is ever easier (even though already being way more advantageous due to quicker farming and almost no loss in survivability) while stacking defences is basically phased out of end game because it's not even needed. I picked monk to play something different to my DH but ... what is different? Stack crit and crit damage, have lots of AS and basically the ideal build is slowly turning into a more dps based one anyway as is he ideal end-game equip. I don't expect to do as much damage as the guy dual wielding but when they can have 200% crit damage (up to), 15% ias etc. more and that is enough to basically throw there dps to the 100k mark and above then what is the point in being stuck on around 1/2 the damage for next to no more survivability?

Blizz aren't listening though. I can't even get build diversity using a different class so there's no point in pretending and every time blizz talks they just basically tell us they want to promote the dps of monks and make them flashy fighters but they are doing what they did wrong in the early patches. Buffing one type while nerfing another, will any of the defensive passives I use at the moment even be worthwhile next patch?
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Lylirra please don't take this as logical fallacy, but why was so much of what made d2 Great left out of d3. If this is all part of some great vision.

I do appreciate all the hard work you guys do. Please don't take this post the wrong way.

P.s Thanks for the post about how you test. I've been waiting for that for a long time.
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Local33 to answer your question, it was pretty clear to me before launch, from all his interviews, that Jay Wilson pretty much hated Diablo 2.
This is why I do not get the mindset of people. How does it even make sense that it will released with the expansion. Why would we be getting PvP content with the 1.0.5 patch if it would ultimately end up in the expansion?

If you actually believe it will be released only when the expansion comes out, this is what you are admitting to: Even though we have repeated comments that it would be released with 1.1, even though we are getting part of the actual PvP content in the current patch being tested, and even though there is not even a hint of an expansion, it will still be released with it.

I can't even imagine the delusional mind of one that can have all these points and still think without a doubt in their mind that PvP will be released with an expansion. Maybe this is just a case of the view of Pyro and reality being completely different.
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10/12/2012 12:20 PMPosted by Lylirra
we shipped it only after we felt it had met our vision for what a great game could be on day 1.

>Whine about a feature not being released
>Told that the feature needs balancing (PvP would be so unbalanced if it came out right now, who are you trying to kid?) and will be released in the near future.
>Whine some more instead of being a constructive critic.

Seriously where do people get off on saying Blizz aren't doing their job? You're the same people who complained endlessly about it before release and still won't let up. Send bug reports, make REALISTIC suggestions (Monks don't need a buff for F&%#S sake, I can solo Diablo Inferno with trash gear that I've barely spent 5mil on) and be constructive. They're not going to listen to angsty teens who act like their mother isn't letting them see a Rated R movie.
10/13/2012 04:41 PMPosted by Eadric
we shipped it only after we felt it had met our vision for what a great game could be on day 1.


I doubt they have any gamers on their d3 dev team.
10/12/2012 12:20 PMPosted by Lylirra
one of the things that has always stood out about Blizzard
since d3, there's actually a new thing that will always stand out about you guys.... :(
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