10/12/2012 12:20 PMPosted by Lylirra
This is just "we couldn't fit it in by release; so, we are going to act like we worked really hard on all of this things post-launch to show the players we are listening."

In terms of PvP, we didn't feel like the system we had at the time we launched Diablo III was up to par, so we elected not to release it along side the actual game. We're continuing to work on PvP, though, and are currently looking to release it with 1.1.0 as a free content update (as we've said before). We also hope to share more updates in the near future on its progress.

In terms of the actual game, our development team had total say on if and when Diablo III was ready for release, and we shipped it only after we felt it had met our vision for what a great game could be on day 1. Every game that Blizzard has released, though, has had some problems after launch -- either in terms of design or actual bugs. Even with lots of internal testing and a public beta, certain issues can be very difficult to find or predict and only come to light once millions of players have logged in, pushed the limits of the game's design, and shared their feedback.

And that's okay, because one of the things that has always stood out about Blizzard is that we're never satisfied with our games and will continue to work on them for years after release to make them more balanced, more engaging, and (hopefully) more fun. Patches, hotfixes, class balances, new systems -- this is all part of the normal process for supporting a Blizzard game and its community post-launch, and we'll continue to grow and improve Diablo III for a long time to come. Paragon, Monster Power, and Infernal Machine are great examples of this, but they certainly weren't features we sat on for the initial release of the game. They were ideas we explored after watching how players progressed and seeing what we could do to make the user experience better and more fulfilling.

Just keep providing us with your feedback and talking to us about what you like (and, more importantly, what you don't), and we'll do everything we can to make this game one of Blizzard's greatest.

Big thumbs up!