Diablo® III

Does dual wield compete?

With other available options...... ?

Just renewed. After purchasing decent Danetta + calamity vs a mediocre windforce (crit dmg) + quiver ..... I found i had better overall stats and same if not more dmg than dual wielding could give me.

I've done light searching about the topic but most of my queries are filled with 'WTS' threads.... What are your experiences with the subject?
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Yes it can but you need really good handbows that match each other. I get more dps than using a a 1300 dps 1 socket manticore. or a 1100 dps 2 socket manticore.

1300 dps manticore w/ 2 sockets kills my handbows by 30k dps though :-(
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what kind of handbows are you using to beat a 1300 dps 1 socket manticore? Also have you found the playstyle gearing to be different? No need for IAS? Do you miss your big crits from 2h xbow? Do you have to kite more?
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I use 2 handbows because I found a very good danetta, and bought in the gold AH a second handbow with very high crit dmg + a socket. I don't have a very good gear, or a large amount of gold, I use a MF gear but the large amount of crit dmg and attack speed is very nice too.
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From what I've read and understand, you need VERY expensive 1h bows to compete with 2h crossbows (DPS wise). I quite like my current setup. While it does shoot much slower than hand crossbows, it does high damage consistently. Hand crossbows have a pretty big damage spread, but shoot faster.

In summary, hand crossbows are truly end game, but you're going to need obscene amounts of gold to outdo a decent manticore.
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Check my profile to see what kind of handbows you need to beat a 1300 dps 1sock Manticore.

I prefer handbows because it gives the versatility to use almost any DH build due to higher attack speed. You won't see people using grenades and a manticore lol.
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Doesn't it also depend on the quiver you would pair with the manticore too though?
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I based it on a 195 dex quiver w/ 20 ias and 10% crit.
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the dual wielder can stack much more LoH and Leech to 6%, gaining procs from APS, and over damage efficiency reductions

that affords utility that can make up the DPS in practice, just not on paper
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dual wielders also have the ability to stack an insane amount of crit damage with crit chance at a high rate of fire. im consistently hitting 450k-500k crits with my hungering arrow alone. i honestly think that its the best route to go for huge dps with best mobility.
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The potential is there to make DW competitive but its not easy (and very expensive) because you need to find 2 good handbows that match. 90+ base crit on each is a requirement if you want to reach high dps
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Yes is the short answer.

I love DW and find it a very competitive option. I have built my DH a little differently to most but DW is a core part of it. The rate of fire means i can have a heap of ball lightning in the air before the first one hits and the room melts.
DW with HoL combined with my armor and all resists means I can clear Act 3 fast and easy. Love it.
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