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Test on this Loot Server tinfoilhat BS




Problem solved, have fun.

If only running 3rd party software that reads D3 memory wasn't against the ToS. :(

Whoever built this process had a great idea- exactly the kind of idea I'd want to see if Blizzard would open up their game to 3rd party developers.

I'm the author.

I use it, I'm not really "afraid" because I do think blizzard's staff goes on a case by case basis. Like you said, this is something that should have been there, and the data available to be pulled by some type of add-on.

So far we have a pretty decent database (for 3 weeks work) and If i wasn't alone coding both the client and website things would move much faster :)

There are at least a couple thousand people using it daily, I know because I can see who downloads it, and who connects to upload sessions to the website.

Hopefully blizz leaves it alone and more people use it :)
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I will start checking now that I have a toon with reasonable Magic Find in Inferno. (288MF without NV)
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I've been doing this for a couple weeks, ironically.
35 strongarm
113 vile ward
38 kymbos gold
150 vile ward
127 tzo krin
42 triumverate
42 cindercoat
152 mempos
30 maximus
79 goldskin
81 butchers sickle

55 set crossbow vandettas
150 blackthornes pants
30 chantidos wand V bad roll
140 litany of undaunted
81 ik helm bad roll
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So it seems legendaries have been found on -

odd numbered servers
even numbered servers
high numbered servers
low numbered servers
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95 = inna radiance(helm)
Armor 361
160 dex
76 vit
33 fire resist
6% life
Crit chance 6
Empty socket

Already a bid of 21 mil on it with well over a day left.

Same server 95 even though not a legend and same run, its just as good as a legend, only 3 like it on gah

Armor 267
137 dex
75 all resist
11% life

No bid as of yet, but expecting at least 30-40 mil

The belt that was a little bit better had a bid of 54 mil on it

Server 35

Devil tounge

Had open socket and ok states, should bring about 500k -- better than a brimstone

Server 59

Pus spitter
1 shiny brimstone.

These were my 3 runs i did last night.
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Embers is right, it's just confirmation bias.

The same hypothesis (and I use the word hypothesis for a reason) popped up on Diablo II, and was similarly shot down. Over the entire playerbase of Diablo III, it can probably be said that no one server yields higher drop rates than any other. The people that are noticing legendary drops in a particular range of server, say 0-98 even, only place special significance to these server ranges because someone TOLD THEM that this server range is significant. In other words, someone else got lucky and found multiple legendaries on this server range and saw that a common denominator in all of their legendary finds was the server number.

If someone else finds an item on a 0-98 server, they will then take this as proof that there is a significance, and will direct their farming to these servers. When another legendary drops on one of these servers, they add this to the pile of "evidence". This is NOT in any way scientific, and you cannot even describe this as a theory. When you have run 10000 runs on each server, tallied your legendary/ilvl63 drops on each server, and done statistical analysis on your results.......then you can form a theory as to what is causing the perceived imbalance in drops on different servers.

In reality, the only thing influencing your legendary drops are # of monsters killed, quality of monsters killed, and magic find.
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tasker and theo
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posting analysis soon, stay tuned
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10/11/2012 03:37 PMPosted by KillSwitch
If you guarantee 10% of the players get drops than your guaranteeing that the other 90% will be forced to BUY from them on RMAH.

So 10% of players get loads of legendaries, 90% gets next to nothing and dont have much to sell so they dont make enough gold to buy from that 10% so they either stay undergeared or spend real $ to get gear and Blizz gets a cut of that spending. Isn't that like controlling the economy for their own gain, involving real $ ? This should be illegal so i hope its not true.
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Had 2 Legendary drops tonight on server 139

iLvl 60: The Gavel of Judgement - Act 1: The Watchtower lvl 2
iLvl 60: Cindercoat - Act 1: Leoric's Courtyard

They were both within 10 min of each other on my WD with 293 unbuffed MF and 5 NV
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