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Test on this Loot Server tinfoilhat BS

75 -->IK Gloves
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Random is not always easy, but as in poker you can get AA 20 times in a row and then only get 2,9 for six hours. There is no conspiracy, only stupidity and paranoid toons.
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10/07/2012 12:12 PMPosted by Tyche
Random is not always easy, but as in poker you can get AA 20 times in a row and then only get 2,9 for six hours. There is no conspiracy, only stupidity and paranoid toons.

True. But, what if you played Poker professionally, had 1000+ hours under your belt, always played the same way with the same efficiency, but noticed that "good hands" almost always came in pairs, back-to-back, between dry spells. Would you still dismiss this... "pattern"? As far as I know, there's not supposed to be patterns in RNG.
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Wasn't the guys "theory" that legendaries only drop on *even* numbered servers?

I think the reason people have been posting some *odd* numbered servers dropping legendaries too, is because blizz have seen this thread and temporarily hotfixed the code to drop from all servers to trick you :(

But I bet as soon as you guys stop looking into this issue, they will swap it back to only even numbered!

Or they might make it only drop from prime numbered ones.. check those too plz
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I found my boots on 71, my pants on 68 and my wizardspike on 73.

I don't think the ip address of the server directly affects loot, I think alot of things go into play, but i am willing to bet the number randomly rolled on the server is affected by the ip address, or the time zone that server is in. Just something I've seen as a trend from lots of different games.

I have my own theory on how the loot system works, and I do think the IP address plays a role.

To imply that the loot is slightly dependent on the servers IP address doesn't make you a tinfoil paranoid freak. Anyone who knows anything about code knows that a computer cannot actually generate a genuinely random number, it -has- to base the roll off something. In basic command prompts and older video games it was directly connected to the internal clock of the client system. On my everquest emulator i play on it's based on the time clock of the server to prevent exploitation through use of 3rd party programs.

You don't have to be paranoid to think something affects what loot drops, you have to be an idiot to believe in the idea of a computer genuinely creating a random number.
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already posted earlier today about a legendary find...........but i wanted to add to the pool of players saying they get drops in 'bursts'

ive found, maybe 10 legendaries the whole time ive played, probably 3-4 set items

that being said, 3 times i have found 2 legs per run, yesterday was the last time this happened.......didnt bother looking at the servers before logging off, but i wanted to post that when i do find stuff, it also comes in 'bursts'

the stormshield and sun keeper on my templar both came during the same run about a week ago.

the majority of my stuff also drops when im solo. like 80% of what ive found i would say

also, most of the legendaries come from trash mobs or containers.........set items have always dropped off elites

i dont think the servers matter, as blizz would probably have to code different clients and install them on their servers, each with lower or higher rates coded in, as opposed to deploying one client across all servers. i doubt they wouldve wasted resources programming multiple servers given how the game was in alpha state to begin with when it was released........but im glad to provide my experiences here to add to the list
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63 - The Witching Hour (mediocre roll)
62 - Thing of the Deep (fantastic roll)
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Random is not always easy, but as in poker you can get AA 20 times in a row and then only get 2,9 for six hours. There is no conspiracy, only stupidity and paranoid toons.

Awwww, another one of the kids that thinks that "statistics" = "anything is posible"!

The chances of 20 AA's in a row is 1 in 73,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

In other words, you're retarded.
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Natalya's Slayer 1hand Crossbow
US/Act 3/Arreat Crater lvl 1
264 MF with 5 Stack
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double Inna's Radiance drop at ip #1

US/Act3/Field of Slaughter
~200 MF, 5 stack
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thx guys, keep em coming
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The Butchers Sickle
US/Act 3/Keep Lvl 3
267 MF w/5 Stack
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Rubbish Fire Walkers, sold for like 400k.

Edit: Act 3 Keep Depths level 1. 317mf
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gt echo fury @ act 3 tower lvl 2



MF 169 after valor

Hope this help in accumulating more data about loot servers. Cheers
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got 2 in one run on


mysteriously lost the strong arm bracers, which was one of them. if the loot were any good in this game, i'd be upset.
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the potential for legends and sets are higher on even numbered servers below 100.
i´ve been doing netstatting for about 3 weeks now and found plenty that way.

LOL.. you guys should look up Skinner and his Skinner box, coz you are behaving exactly like the pigeons he was testing.

The kind of "evidence" you give (and not understanding the criteria for real evidence) and superstitious behaviour is just .. /facepalm
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