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Enchantress EHP Calculator

I searched for one, found nothing, made my own:
(File->Download as...)

Feel free to post the ehp of your enchantress, my has nearly 320k with 180k hp....

MfG Bluemond
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Lol I will start, 198k ehp 80khp. Most of that just from weapon and focus (132 with just those 2). Shouldn't dodge count? 179 Dex on mine. She pretty much never dies unless she is standing in Azmodan's black stuff.
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I was thinking about dex, but its kinda weird because its not reducing dmg, its preventing dmg... ofc, with high hp/ehp its viable and you could count it as extra ehp, but i didnt feel like it. also, its more difficult to implement^^ but i will see if i can add it maybe...

my enchantress has now 388k ehp with 208k hp because of the new tokens and a nice messerschmidt's reaver (with 668 vit haha)...
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I know this thread is very old, but it was very useful for me.

I count on my enchantress to save me if I dc in hardcore mode(so far ive been lucky n only needed her help once, p57 atm) so her ehp/dps is very important to me.

I wasn't sure which ammy to use for enchantress out of these:
1. 156int, 202vit, 61ar, 226armor
2. 104int, 208vit, 13ar, 16% life, 388armor
I actually thought no1 was better for ehp cos higher ar, but I was wrong n no1 is ~50k less than no2, so thanks.
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was trying to craft better ammy for my dh but got great int ehp ammys instead(6k dps n 528k ehp)

ended up upgrading her ammy 5 times recently(left to right = worst to best) n ur ehp calculator helped each time, thanks. :)
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