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Wizard Guide for Blizzard

Hi Blizzard! I know your development team's Wizard is still struck in Nightmare and can't test any of the high-end content and skill changes you have released for us. But don't worry! I have compiled a list of very useful tips for you that should get you to Hell in no time!

1. Don't use Glass Cannon!

I know you are very used to using the Barbarian Weapon Mastery which gives you a straight 15% damage bonus. But Glass Cannon also comes with a penalty of -10% to armour and resists. With prismatic armour nerfed to sheds and without that natural 30% damage reduction, you can't afford to lose those defences!

2. Do your research!

Diablo3 is simple to play, but very hard to master, just like Chess! No, even harder to master than Chess because Diablo3 has wonderful hidden mechanics which is not found in any game descriptions, like Skill Proc Rates, DOT tick rates for different attack speed and so on. Truly a wonderfully complex mastery piece!

3. Don't use more than one armour spell!

Don't put more than one armour spell, Prismatic, Ice or Storm in your hotkeybar! The reason is because casting one will cancel any other already in effect. Just treat wizards as having two less skills.

4. Don't use more than one channel spell!

Don't put more than one channel spell, Ray of Frost, Disintegrate or Arcane Torrent in your hotkeybar! I know you like Dragonball. Me too. But just like Goku never charges two kamehameha at the same time, you can't use two channel spells at the same time. Just treat wizards as having two less skills.

5. In fact, don't use any channel spell!

I know we all want to be super heros like Batman, Goku or Optimus Prime. But Witch Doctors have sort of gotten the bat thing covered and barbarian's have got the transforming-and-unstoppably-rolling-things-over-at-100 mph thing down. So we are left with Goku. However there is a problem. Unlike most of Goku's opponents who are perfectly willing to wait 3 or 4 episodes for Goku to charge up his kamehameha, the enemies in Diablo 3 do no such thing. If you stand still for more than 2 seconds, you will find them invading your personal space!

I will update this guide as and when i have more tips. Hope you beat Nightmare soon.
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10/10 would troll again.
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Fantastic!! +1
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^ bump in case Blizzard misses this wonderful guide.
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good laugh
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Oh man this is spot on. I truly laughed. Especially at the wait 4 episodes part.
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Very informative , good read , nice troll. GG
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People like you make diablo worth something to me. Enjoyed the post!
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My guide is more simple:

1. Drop hydra and blizzard
2. Run like ^@&@$&%@&%
3. Profit?

PS: will probably get you through NM Blizz.
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May I suggest one more thing. Blizzard, you NEED to buy items on RMAH to survive nightmare! and you need to buy more and more and more items there to get 2 shotted instead of 1 shotted on MP10 "if you ever get there."

Good luck blizzard! you can invite me if you have troubles with your shadow clones, I can kill them for you. Also, you can borrow my gear to test your "net buff" changes on PTR :)
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I laughed so hard!
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Great troll!

10/09/2012 07:04 PMPosted by EnourMousTim
People like you make diablo worth something to me. Enjoyed the post!

Same feeling here.
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ahah this is epic !
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Sticky requested.
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Please add a part about Wizard's Tal Rasha set? How the bonuses suck and the belt piece rolls Barb affixes.
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Lol truth
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Since energy armor is being nerfed to the ground ... at the very least give up back the 20 arcane points we lose when using it. And of course, remove the tax for using Glass Cannon passive.

Why are wizards hated so much by this developer? Every wiz should go watch this video from start to finish ...


Sad but true.
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Epic post-

As someone who plays wiz, if I could channel multiple spells and have multiple armors, OMfingG... I might be able to break my cm habit. Epic sauce level purple.

Blizz, listen to this one, they shine a beacon of hope.
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3. Don't use more than one armour spell!

Don't put more than one armour spell, Prismatic, Ice or Storm in your hotkeybar! The reason is because casting one will cancel any other already in effect. Just treat wizards as having two less skills.

Very valuable point of view!
I never considered this but its actually true. Its nit directly a disadvantage but it sucks, as its limits choice.

In my opinion it would be really cool if you could chose different Armors.

Why not use Ice armor with AOE slow/damage in addition to Pinpoint barrier?
I think it would be really cool if you could use some armor RUNES as offensive skills.

The other points in the list are so much truth and so much sadness in one -.-

Espacially the passive GLASSCANNON should make every true wizard shed some tears.

I dont did the calculation but CHANCES ARE HIGh that you lose MORE from Glass cannon then you gain! WTF.

-10% Armor/resist means like 2-4 affixes. With 2-4 Affixes you can EASILY get 15% more damage.
GC is the worst passive in the game right now.

PS.. I have to disagree with point 5 though.
Channeling spells are quite the same as "missle Skills". YSou dont have to stand in one place. You can also kite with channeling spells.

Just think about "flashing" with channeling spells.

If you klick ONCE with a channeling spell you are "rooted" for the duration of the attack animation=attackspeed(which is with all missle skills too) and the damage is done in <0,5sec

The timing works exactly like every missle skill, try it out!

However this does not change the fact that wizards are quite underwhelming in their current state...

I play barb and wizard and I would compare them like this:

-both have similar quality gear +-10%
-barb has more DPS because of stronger passives
-barb has stronger SKILLS
-barb has 30% DR
-barb has stronger selfbuffs
-barb tanks 10-20 more damage
-barb does not need all 6 skills
-barb can forgo WotB and take MARATHOn to farm even faster

GG, well played Blizzard!
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