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Treasure goblin advice?

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To defeat the goblin, hit it until it dies.
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Today, I ran into a treasure goblin in the keep (A3) and went into pure SC mode – popped WOTB, ran through piles of trash mobs, and finally used leap to get to the little jerk. Satisfied with the yellow that dropped, I realized that my CDs were gone and I was surrounded by a ton of enemies, including two elite packs. Not overly concerned, I started hacking away at the mob when I was hit by some of those green guys who blow up in your face.

Think you mean keeps level 2.

Never mess about on that floor. Every where else you can chase goblins, but not there.
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never chase them beyond act1
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My best character died chasing a goblin in the Caverns of Frost in A3. But I would never dream of chasing one in Keep Depths level 2. Hell, I inch through the Keep L2 really slowly, and only the one time to progress through Act 3. I don't even go back there for farming.

(Although I do often go to the Barracks in the Fields of Slaughter, and that has banelings as well.)
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10/03/2012 07:23 AMPosted by krazlys
Treasure gob killing can be very troublesome for a WD =/

Popped spirit vessel today chasing a Goblin in A2 inferno
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thanks for your explanation. I really need more practice....
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They normally run away from you. So hit them where you want to run (in the opposite direction).
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know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, and know when to run
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goblins drop green and brown stuff

i always chase them

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interesting pathing anylsis Bnetplayer - makes sense.
this is what i try to do ...

when i spot a Gob at the edge of my screen i nudge closer and closer until it almost aggros or i think my enchantress might aggro it .. then i LEAP past it and thereby cause it to run in the direction i just came from (which is clear of mobs). i am a frenzy-build tank barb so what i have learned is that if i stay at my maximum melee range i can more-or-less "steer him" left or right depending on how many pixels left or right i stand at this maximum range. the boots i am using are only 10% movement speed so sometimes he outruns me but a well timed FURIOUS CHARGE stuns him and allows me to get 2-3 melee swings in and re-direct him as needed. i can usually manage to steer him into corners at which point if i stay max range, he doesnt even try and run away anymore.

i am just starting A2 with this new barb so my dps is lacking - this process will be alot less troulblesome with 12%MS and higher dps with a faster weapon

happy hunting!
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Everytime I come close to loosing my char because of a gob and its 1-2 yellow drop, I say to myself this is the last time I chase it. It happens quite often that it is the last gob...
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definitely dont chase gobs in keeps lvl 2 in act 3
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