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Trail of Cinders plea/suggestion/request

Please if you're nerfing Trail of Cinders which needs to be done, (I understand 1500% over 3 seconds IS a mistake/bug whatever you want to call it) at least leave it at 500% over 3 seconds. 300% is just way too little. 100% per second is not worth thinking about. (And you want build "diversity"?) OR 300% PER second FOR 3 seconds. OR 200% PER second FOR 3 seconds. OR 150% per second for 5 seconds. You say (and I know you have already) your re-designing skills/runes too, well there's nothing stopping you from changing the 3 seconds to 5 seconds or something to get the right balance.

1500% is too big, 300% is too small, that's why I suggest a PER second % if you cant figure out a good number for OVER 3/5 seconds.

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Even though this has been repeated to death, and blizz obviously doesn't care whether we enjoy the game or not, I'll support the idea yet again.
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Just because they havn't responded or mentioned anything doesn't mean they havn't listened or are implementing something else. Optimistic thinking I know but hey. They can't just keep changing EVERYTHING and all the time and expect people to still enjoy it. Especially items. Stop changing good items like Set/Legendary it ruins everything, just change the BAD ones.
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Two things to consider:

1) Vault's purpose has always been for mobility, and escape (aka defence). The rune simply allows u a chance to deal dmg while escaping. I mean realistically speaking the other only competing rune is Tumble yes?

Tumble will save u 4 Disc every 2 vaults. That means on average it's saving u 2 disc per vault. For 2 disc, u get to deal up to 300% dmg over a significant area, as u move/escape. Sounds like a good deal to me. 300% is like a cluster arrow with LBF rune.

2) The new TOC will now stack. So if u insist on using it offensively u still can, to a degree. Just remember to look at it as a bonus dmg on top of being able to escape/manoeuvre, so u won't feel "ugh it's 8 disc to deal only 300% dmg, BAD".
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It's not "ugh it's 8 disc to deal only 300% dmg, BAD".

It's competition between Smoke Screen.

They want build diversity but won't allow any comparison between skills.

Smoke screen allows escape dealing no damage but are invincible momentarily.

Vault you are still vulnerable while escaping, therefore dealing damage seems like a good sacrifice for being invincible...

If the damage you're doing is not high enough the choice between being invincible for a second or doing (no) damage is non existent.

This is about achieveing build diversity.
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i just wished smoke screen wasnt nerfed so badly... like come on... monks 4 secs...

as for toc being nerfed to 300... what was it before 1.04 ? 250%?

if anything... id be happy if vault was actually fixed... b/c it gets no escape radius treatment in 1.04 also with the .75? second activation time makes it not worthwhile except for the chain tumble and it being able to break cc in 1.05
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But then maybe at least a reduced dicipline cost for smoke screen to compensate would be great.
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smoke screen does 700% dmg (choking gas) - classified as defensive
50% per discipline

caltrop (jagged spikes) 270% - classified as defensive
45% per disc, or 90% with custom engi

ToC to do 300% - classifed as hunting
37.5% per disc compared to all the utility Smoke or caltrops gives

it's retarded, it's been retarded since it was announced.
the active charge of hunting into packs was fun as shlt, and they slaughtered the concept, grinding the ability into pathetic damage per discipline for a poor sized, risky, AoE

500-700% or gtfo; they left it for all of 04, no hot fix even though it was 1500% FoTM
horrible knee-jerk is horrible and they know it.

they want to see how many people leave that skill off builds in their metrics for 05, and if it looks like it was too much maybe they will dial it back up...

Guardrail to guardrail.
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According to blizz these defensive abilities should not exceed hatred spenders. This is because they are not meant to be your main damage dealers. I can agree with this idea. defense =/= offense.

however, lets look at a couple things to see what kind of options we have. right?

the lowest damage hatred spender per target is:
sorry folks its true. 155% is the lowest possible per target. not saying its the lowest damaging ability... just per target.

so lets keep that in mind for now. (155%)
...and move over to those defensive abilities that damage stuff.

Jagged Spikes - 270% over 6 seconds (45% p/sec)
Choking Gas - 700% over 5 seconds (140% p/sec)
Action Shot - 75% damage per target (75%)
Trail of Cinders - 300% over 3 seconds (100% p/sec)
Companion - 38%/94% damage per target (wolf 94%, all others 38%)

as we can see here there is a pretty wide range in disc damage (38%-140%).
if ToC got a buff taking the highest amount (140%) and its same duration of 3 seconds. it would have a damage of "420% over 3 seconds".

on a side not i think they should look at the damage of jagged spikes and action shot :/
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10/08/2012 08:48 PMPosted by Morogoth
defensive abilities should not exceed hatred spenders.

it's fine, understood, it is also easily accomplished since by the time we get ToC we have 1.23 aps minimum

EA is at least 190%/sec when you consider speed
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There should be serious thought for Blizz about these things for "build diversity" considering the amount of outrage about the extremity of pretty much ALL changes they do.
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10/08/2012 10:14 PMPosted by Snoofo
There should be serious thought for Blizz about these things for "build diversity" considering the amount of outrage about the extremity of pretty much ALL changes they do.

agree. they should seriously think about changes for these.
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Most of us use ToC, but how many of us actually abuse it? It's fine the way it is. Blizz just wants to nerf everything these days.

"Oh, you are having fun now?" NERF!!
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Hmmmm.... But they do seem to listen to the crowd so I was hoping they may not nerf it so hard.

Because they're arguement of "We don't want people using their dicipline on 'offensive' moves because they will not have any for when they need it for 'defensive'", is a crock. Because thats a build right there! If your eager enough to use all your dicipline trying to KILL them then yep, guess what, you'll die. That's up to the people using it. It's not like you can smash everything on screen with it or anything. "Just don't want people dying from it" what a crock lol

Trying to idiot proof a skill is not a reason to nerf it.

Give people play STYLEs not just BUILDs. And that WAS a style.
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