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Thinking of rolling a WD...

Hey all,

I'm thinking of leveling up a WD, and wanted to see what you all think of your class.
They seem pretty sweet as far as having all sorts of entertaining (visually) skills and also seem to be a decently strong class for both solo and group.

For context I've been playing a monk solid before this and am wanting a second class for when I'm tired of farming a3 inferno, so wanting to try a ranged class.

All feedback is appreciated!
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For ranged class may I point you to WW barbs... they are the best ranged class in the game and will forever be with Jay Wilson playing barb.

Otherwise if you want the best community of guys I would say WD is the place to be. The guys on the forums are very helpful with gearing for the type of build you want to play. There is a lot of variety with WD builds so you will not fall into running a single build like WW barbs, CM or Archon wiz, Glass Cannon DH, etc.
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WD is a great class, some will say its underpowered and it is in certain aspects but as is all classes. WD is easy to gear to clear inferno but hard to gear end game. if you do reroll add me (pwnmatt#1916) when you hit 60 ill help you gear and can thro in a couple mill of my own if your tight on cash. i also have a guide for gearing a witch doctor on a budget that include slot optimization and a build that will help get you started.
one of my favorite things about WD is the build diversity. and maybe this came from the class being so underpowered before. however the pets allow WD to truely be great at soloing while being complete glass cannon. you can also use the pets in a tank build and become virtually unkillable very cheap.
a balanced build is probably the most expensive for a WD given that our 4 piece set,which is really needed for mana gen in higher mp lvls, doesnt give us great dps. the marrow is lack luster compaired to tal rasha chest or IK. the pox is very expensive and give little dmg as well. on top of all of this the zuni mojo is terrible and cant roll high cc or bonus elite damage. o and did i mention the helm cant roll max crit 6% ;s. if you can get past these little points, not so little. you will love the class. and in lower mp lvls where mana isnt an issue GI/GF provides tons of utility and is kinda like a less powerfull Crit Mass passive.
the power of WD comes from on kill passives so having high burst is essentail unless your going for a sacrifice build, which is looking more viable every day with the changes to how legendaries can roll ilvl63 stats if dropped from higher lvl monsters. this means that the mojo needed for sac dogs that gives 20sec cooldown will actually be vaible for dps builds as well and wont make you sac dps just to sac some dogs.
i do like the sac build but everyone should take not that its just like a 2 button bear build :p

anyway add me up and we can talk, figure out what build youd like to use and what gear you will need for it. i can say one thing. coming from a monk WD will be very refreshing because we arent nearly as gear dependant.
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Otherwise if you want the best community of guys I would say WD is the place to be. The guys on the forums are very helpful with gearing for the type of build you want to play

hell ya we are. our community is the bomb. minus a couple huge trolls, but who doesnt have a couple trolls in their community.
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Ah, I just rolled a witch doctor a few days ago and I'm sitting at level 35. :')
Sorry to thread jack, but what are good gears for inferno and then for endgame?
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search gearing on a budget, i have a thread. post on their and ill help
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Wow, quick responses for sure!
Really appreciate the feedback!

I'm going to start leveling my WD after this weekend, so it'll be a while before I'm 60. That being said I'll definitely look you up pwnmatt!

And yes, the monk has been insanely expensive to gear up for inferno, so a cheap WD is good since I'm fairly broke at the moment!
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Damn, you got me all excited about WD pwnmattt.
So tempting to take the day off work just to start playing one....
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you can do it in 8hours :p just go get that red gem and run act 3 over and over. i believe in you buddy, and that pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow. i got 400mil on me. gettign myself an upgrade but ill save some to help you gear :p
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WD are for sure fun to play and everyone i talk to in the forums and in game seem to be great people. I always find myself comparing loot with other players and swapping goods if they could use it, great community.
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If you would like a friend in game feel free to add me. Just a casual player having fun.
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I've never played a barbarian or demon hunter (at least not past level 10 or so), so I cant compare to those classes.

My first character was a wizard. Wizard was super fun while levelling up, I love the ray of frost / disintegrate spells and the general playstyle of the wizard. The problem is, it got exponentially more difficult as I approached 60 (obviously all classes deal with that, but with the wizard it was worse IMO). At 60/inferno, I tried three different gear setups and spent a fortune trying to find a 'niche' for my wizard, I went through all the popular skill builds, and nothing seemed to really click. I've pretty much abandoned my wizard at this point because of that - the class just doesnt seem well put together IMO.

My second was a monk. Monk was slower to level and in general did less damage than my wizard until 60, and even at 60 with an enormous investment in gear my monk can either tank and hit like a wet noodle or dish out massive damage and get one shot - there's no good inbetween. Monk gear is relatively expensive, and they're forced into certain skills and passives in order to maintain any inkling of survivability - some of those are also getting nerfed next patch. Regardless, I still love my monk, mostly for the playstyle and how he can pretty much facetank anything.

I only got my witch doctor to 60 a week ago, but so far it's been stupidly fun. The fact that you have 4-5 pets to literally tank and block enemies for you means you can play much more strategically as a ranged character, whereas with a wizard or demon hunter all you really end up doing is kiting all the time. I also love that we can benefit from health/gold pickup more than other classes, since some of our skills gain bonuses from that stat as well, and it's nice being able to pick up globes or gold piles from the very corner of my screen - so far it's made taking out some elite packs and bosses stupidly easy.
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WD is great and so is the WD community!
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WD is best class.
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barb was my first toon and I hated it. WD was my 2nd toon cause I wanted something like the D2 necro. But the pets sucked starting out so I was disappointed when I hit 60. Played wizard to 60 but soon stopped and went back to WD after 1.04. I like the versatility that WD brings. There are still alot of options you can do and not every WD is exactly the same, which is probably the coolest part about it.
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If you do roll a WD and don't already do this... get all your gear with +xp on it and keep doing the mission in Act 3 at each difficulty level where you have to light the 5 beacons, there are so many goblic shaman that rerez gobbys for additional xp bonus you'll level up in a blink of an eye.
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Started leveling my WD today a little. Got experience gear and a ruby in the helm. Level 20 or so, so far!

I'll add you guys when I get a chance for sure. Shouldn't take too terribly long to get myself to 60 hopefully.
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nothing more fun that leveling up with another high powered WD -- we did this awhile back and I swear the flash of each level progressing on the newb was distracting to a point --- but kewl

With red rock in the helm I went at least two P levels this weekend in casual play and tweaking new hardware and build; 50 million XP in a couple days (15>17)
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Haha open offer?!
Because I'll definitely take you up on an offer to level me up!
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