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Ver 1.4: TR Monk & others Guide - Good Read

THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY FELLOW MONKS..if you are a monk, then you are a part of the ELITE in D3. No other classes has it HARDER than us, so yes if you can play a MONK well, you can definitely play others like a GOD easy.

(UPDATE: 60 monks assisted / saved) 11/01/2012
*Special thanks to: Ozendar / thaaad for the generous gold donations!!

I apologize in advance for this might be a bit long, but good read. Take your time and go through it, and I promise it will help you out one way or another. Thanks.

PART 2 - 1.2 ELITE AFFIXES - How to deal with them
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6794981183?page=1#2 <-- ShortCut (CLICK ME)
PART 3 - 1.3 ACT 3 Farming & Key Points
PART 4 - 1.4 1.05 Farming (Added 10/15/2012)
* NEW PART 5 - 1.5 STUNNER DPS MONK - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6933876200?page=1#0 10/24/2012

March 1st 2013 -- VERSION 1.07 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8087088881?page=1#0


* Tempest Rush VS Hit Box Mechanics: PLEASE SUPPORT

This quick guide breaks down how you can up your dps & do other things efficiently.
My profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/DEATHLOCK-1732/hero/4198694

- All tank = time wasted trying to take down mobs / elites
- Hybrid = stuck right in the middle
- All dps = glass cannon with tons of death
- Time = $$$, pick up rares 63 armors; 61-63 weapons
- 2h / shields rares are entirely up to you


Highly suggested for:
- High Armor / High Resist /LOW dps (under 50k)
- Medium Armor / Medium Resist / LOW dps (under 50k)
- Low Armor / Low Resist / Low dps (under 50k)
- Can't solo elite packs in less than 10 secs

Things to watch out for:
- Extremely bad against FIRE, so be sure to watch your hp & use Serenity accordingly & kite.
- Arcane / Ice can be spot easily & AVOID by using TEMPEST RUSH or fast movement speed.


Current Setup: - Updated 10/12/2012

HP: 41,396 - 40K is a good comfortable mark.
Armor: 3,721 (no STI) - Getting ready for the upcoming patch reduction
Resist: 526 - Danger zone against any types of fire
APS: 2.20 - 1.75 or above you'll do great
LOH: 915 - Started with 400 loh only
LS: 2.5% (0.5% inferno) - High dps with cyclones helps out a ton
Crit Chance: 38.5% - At 30% its ok, at 40% or higher you'll do great!!
Crit Damage: 276% - Starting from 300% & above you'll do GODLY damage
Movement Speed: 25% base

Passives: Exalted Soul / Resolve / OWE

*LOW-END SETUP (also ran with these settings):

HP: 33k
Armor: 3300 (no STI)
Resist: 400
*the rest stats were the same as above


Update 11/1/2012
In-Game DPS (Unbuff): 84,388 / FOT
Breath of Heaven (15%): 97,047 *edit

Hidden Modifiers:
Sever 20% extra to demons = 19,409 (there are a ton of demons including gobs)
*Slain enemies rest in pieces = the killing blow does millions of damage

WKL 24% extra with lighting skills = 23,291 (FOT / Thunderclap)
*Lifesteal 2.5% = 0.5% of SEVER damage = FULL LIFE REGEN PER KILL (75% of the time)

TWO GREAT COMBO AT LOW LOW COST compare to other 1100 & above 1 handed weapons.


Mantra Conviction / Overawe:
24% = 23,291
48% = 46,582

Sweeping Wind 3 stacks
45% = 43,671
20% each cyclone = 19,409 - 24,067 per sec (high end based off WKL lighting skills 24% extra)


Other skills:
Way of Light / Blinding Light - 100% chance to crit; your BESTFRIEND without cooldown to stun / knockback all threats against you (as long as you can afford 75 spirit per cast)
Serenity / Ascension - 4 secs of being GOD
Tempest Rush / Tailwind - increase movement speed 25%

Passive: - NEW UPDATE
1.) One with Everything - REQUIRED (sighs)
2.) Exalted Soul - additional spirit to support tempest (terrible spirit pool we have)
3.) THIS LAST ONE IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU. (personally I took resolve to reduce mob's damage over STI which gives me over 1.25k armor)

*optional passive Combination Strike for addtional 8% dps increase
*Speed build requires EXALTED SOUL additional 100 spirit for total of 250

Speed farm like WW barb is easy with the monk using TEMPEST RUSH build:

- Easy to keep up the chains for bonus XP
- Knock back / Slows the mobs including elites
- Faster than barb's sprint
- Keeps Sweeping Wind up most of the time without recast
- Able to spam Conviction as see fit
- While using tempest rush with SW active, crit hits from tempest also generals additional cyclone

- Rubberband 10 - 20% of the time when surrounded by multiple elite packs
(imo due to hit box issue)
(Please refer to STUNNER MONK build to "GREATLY REDUCE" rubberband issues!!)
- Spirit Pool limitations - Proper management & attack speed of 1.8 will allow you to spam mantra (3 secs of 48% up at all time)


*For additional BURST DPS DAMAGE
- Conviction 48% --> Blind 30% --> SSS = elite packs instantly DEMOLISHED
- (requires to swap out TEMPEST RUSH / SERENITY with BLIND / SSS)


Keep in mind that SEVER + WKL (LS required) works 75% of the time, for every mob killed full HP back. Questions or feel free to contact me in-game to test run with me.

*NEW UPDATE: Due to recent high in-game demand on builds / demos, that I am not able to focus on farming. So I will appreciate for those of you who wish for in-game assistance to donate gold (any amount is fine). Thank you very much.

For those of you who did in game runs with me, feel free to post your HONEST opinion, on what works and what doesn't. Appreciate your time, have fun killing fellow monks!!

(To compensate low armor / resist, running duos or full party with a barb works out great.)
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Avoid at all cost, easy to spot, once cast about a sec to 1.5 secs to react.

Solutions: Create distance, preferably open space, use tempest to rush out, then re-position yourself to minimize damage. (*SERENITY as a last safety resort)

Fire trail, very easy to spot, tons of damage over time.

Solutions: Positioning is key, using doorways to funnel them so that they can't surround you. Using tempest rush to get out if you get yourself surrounded. When they runaway the BEST WAY to chase them down is to click to the side of them and then position yourself to attack them. Backing into a corner also helps, & use tempest / serenity at the right time and it should be a piece of cake.

Easy to spot once again, they love to surround you and gang R*PE you, so watch out.

Solutions: Attack, back off, attack, kiting is the easiest way. Use tempest to create distance slow them down and attack the one closest to you. Basically separate them and don't let yourself get caught in between them. Another easy affix to avoid, nothing special needs to be done here.

Very dangerous due to the fact that they stack & you could get hit multiple times, if you don't die from this the amount of time before you regain control you could be already be dead from mobs / elites.

Solutions: Easy to spot, move and fight, use tempest's amazing speed to escape & continue the fight.

What's worst then facing fire / frozen / arcane with this special ability?

Solutions: keep your distance, drag it out & being in open space really helps out with you spotting other danger affixes. Depending on the situation serenity is the key to avoid danger as well as at least taking one of them out with serenity on.

This thing here, is just TERRIBLE, tons of damage & they can STACK on top of each other.

Solution: Thank GOD that this has a small radius, on top of that you have about a good 0.5 secs to react once under your feet (also a small icon on the HUD). Very easy to spot & avoid, tempest tempest & tempest to RUSH out fast avoiding massive damage done.

Don't we love this? Good thing we're not DH...LOL

Solutions: They do no damage, I love this personally due to the fact that I just FILL THE ENTIRE WALLED SPOT with ARMY OF CYCLONES!!! For those that has issues with this, tempest once again just helps out with getting out & create open space for yourself to fight.

That's pretty much MY 2 cents of it, I left others out due to the fact that it's not that bad, but if you are having issues, please post & I can update. Thanks all for stopping by once again, happy hunting!!



Here on part 3 IS my personal guide I am going to breakdown KEYPOINTS in farming:

1.) Pick ups RARES ONLY: Be selective & you'll save tons of time, personally I only pick up certain items / levels.

2.) Always target range first then work on the rest melee types of mobs / elites.

3.) Never stand in plague for too long, due to their ability to stack causing more DOT.

4.) Fallen Maniacs - they glow in the dark, so easy to spot, only in Act 3 / Keeps & other Act 2 areas. Use tempest to either kill them or runaway from them. Tempest can also be used to knockback thus slowing them down for you to keep your distance until they explode on their own.

5.) Legendary Items: Regular white chest (especially in keeps); White mobs; Elites; Bosses; BARRELS!! - Yes I have gotten one legend to drop a few days back from a BARREL, this was during a elite pack fight in keeps 2 by THE BREACHING entrance to keeps 3. When this particular elite pack died one of my many cyclones broke a nearby barrel & then it dropped.

6.) When HERALD OF PESTILENCE / SUCCUBUS / BLOOD CLAN OCCULTIST is present, be sure to TARGET them first & take them out quick.

Pestilence - sticking their centipede looking arm in the ground causing heavy DOT to you. Just use tempest to knock them back when they do that to interrupt them and finish them off.

Succubus - 50% armor debuff, insane combo when there's PHASEBEAST around.

Blood Occultist - Gives annoying shields to nearby allies, so take them out quick & fast to reduce time spend on clearing groups of mobs.

7.) KEY FARMING: MP5 - 7 (without wasting too much time of course)

8.) Legends / Loot Farming: MP3 - 4, fast, quick & easy, the amount of time it takes you to kill 1 pack in higher level you can kill up to 5 packs in lower levels which NETS you more chance / loot at the end.

*(Can't think of other now, will update when I do. Feel free to comment / feedbacks / questions so that I can reply back or update the post thanks.)


PART 4: 1.05 Farming:

Please do click on the link below to post your feedbacks if you are also having this issue, in hopes that someone from blizz will answer and perhaps bring it to their team. Otherwise we can toss this build out the window & start from scratch.

In the meantime I do suggest fellow monks to find a MP level where you can still handle elite packs in under a minute (at most). So all depends on time spent / total death vs 1 elite pack, if it takes you 2x longer on MP5 for example vs MP4, then you should be at MP4 until you get better upgrades to move yourself up.


Don't jump up higher which will cause stress, repair bills, not having fun due to too much deaths etc etc. The key points for the new patch tomorrow will be:

- FIRST 3 DAYS are GOLDEN, drop rate / quality will be AWESOME
- Ninja nerf drop rates / quality after 1st 3 days
- Upgrade your emerald radiant star 100% now, you can buy it from AH cheaper than the cost to make one.

ACT 2 Vault of Assassins will be a good place since MP level gives you all the same drops across all acts, Vault has very high concentrated elites.

- Start from Act 2: The Black Soulstone - Soulstone Chambers
- Head to Black Canyon Mines (2-4 elites)
- From Black Canyon Mines head south across the bridge to Howling Pleatau (2-3 elites)
- Teleport back to town, then head to Road to Alcarnus, make a little circle to the left sometimes there's a gob here, then head into Alcarnus (to your right) for 1 - 2 elites.

By now you should have more than 5 valor buffs, next stop search for that VAULT OF ASSASSINS (5 - 10 elites) in Ancient Path or Desolate Sands. Once done with the entire vault, you have 2 options:

1.) Quit the game from inside the vault, so when you restart you will spawn inside the vault, head out, and you'll see the exact location. Head to the nearest portal and repeat the above steps.

2.) Take down Zultan & Belial, personally bosses do drop legends / sets for me so I like to take them out as well & then repeat the above steps all over again.

Hope this will help a few out there, happy hunting fellow monks!!!


* http://www.twitch.tv/progamerd3
Come support us and also receive free daily giveaways MON - FRI, 63 rares & legendary items all day!!

* New breakdown I wrote in regards to MONK'S LIFE

* My old post regards to LEGENDARY DROPS

* Tempest Rush VS Hit Box Mechanics: PLEASE SUPPORT

* Sweeping Wind FIXED Location Issue: PLEASE SUPPORT
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how are you getting away with having that name????
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In-Game DPS (Unbuff): 71,600.83 / FOT
(plus 6% lighting from WKL = 75,896)

I'm pretty sure that 6% is already factored in on your character's dps sheet.
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In-Game DPS (Unbuff): 71,600.83 / FOT
(plus 6% lighting from WKL = 75,896)

I'm pretty sure that 6% is already factored in on your character's dps sheet.

right you are
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@ Nivre

that i wasn't too sure, keep on hearing different things from places regarding about that, i will edit it
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Speed runs lol
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@ jon

should try it out, drop one skill for tempest rush, it will make CHAIN easy and also fast moving from mob to mob.
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bump to help fellow monks
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no $$ for your build :(
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@ popegg

yes, sadly you still need to spend a bit of $$ in ah / rmah to purchase the two biggest key in this build, but it's the least amount you'll have to spend compare to keeping your resist up high. gears with dps & RESIST costs the most. the dps increase and $$$ saved by skipping loh makes a ton of sense when you look at the ah.
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I'm looking at dumping some money into my monk, roughly 50mil and hoping to be able to farm act3, looking for spec/gearing info and it sounds like u are very knowledgeable. hoping to pick your brain in game. thanks!
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@ Bang

I'll do what i can to help and guide you. add me in game
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Yo guys I do runs with deathlock a lot and the guy is faster than I am and I have some sick speed. really listen to him, you will be faster than a WW barb. Check my gear and just know that he can keep up all day long
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I would love some help improving my monk. I feel like I've hit a bit of a ceiling and can't find any upgrades/things that will sell for enough to get me an upgrade.

I've been gear-swapping to get max MF right before an elite kill. I've been able to get 1 legendary a day, but it's slow going (1 vile ward--nice, 1 gladiator's gauntlet and 1 wizardspike--garbage).
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This is my diablo 3 profile, my bad =) check it and he keeps up with me
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@ vortic
a few minor changes with your skills setup you could gain a decent amount of extra damage, you can start from there. and then re-adjust your gears after that.

@ shadownraven
you're crazy bro, your barb got some turbo on, i still have ways to go to catch up...lol
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Good advice for 1.0.4. Just a word of caution though you will want to stack more res/armor for 1.0.5 for higher MP clears.

You should also mention finding a +FoT helm for another hidden modifier.
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sever will not recover ur HP to full in the next patch. Don know if it will decent or not anymore. What's ur suggestion of a replacement?
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