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Hello guys :)

I am starting a humble team based in Asia, to farm inferno contents with.
The main reason for starting this group is to take on 1.05's Mid to High MP (6+)
Since this is a US server, I've had problems finding people to farm with in my time zone.
But this all changed once I started meeting people that plays in Asia in the last few weeks.
So I decided to start a good group based in Asia to effectively farm with.

I'm not the best DH by a long~long~ mile, but I want the group to meet a certain level.
It's so that everyone in the group will have a positive contribution to the team.

+These are the requirements that me and my friend have set up to get into the group:

- MUST play on Asian time zone
- Demon Hunter: 130k dps w/o SS (no complete glass canon, but certain exceptions are made)
- Barbarian: 70K unbuffed DPS/ 40K+ Life/ 550+ AR (Over 400K eHP)
- Monk: 100K DPS/ 35K+ Life/ 550 AR
- Wizard: 100k DPS/ 35K+ Life/ 500AR
- Witch Doctor: 100K DPS/ 35K+ Life/ 450 AR

If you meet these requirement and wish to join ASIA team, please contact any of the following players: ( Cloudi#1923 ), ( izwanmad#1734 ), or ( Fluffy#6300 ).
*But please make sure to post on this thread to voice your interest in joining. This will reduce the time it takes for us to get you into our group.

Once accepted, please add (cloudi.asia@gmail.com) on facebook to be a registered on our ASIA team group page. Make sure to message me with your Battletag ID so that I know who you are.

Come join ASIA team, and meet new friends to farm the contents with ^^


Once you become a member, I'll list them at our facebook group page so that we can add each other.

- 54 Members (currently)

*The list was moved, so that the group can remain strictly private.
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Are there any awesome monks that would like to join our humble team? ^^ Currently out of 52 members, we only have 3 excellent monks that graces us with their contribution. ASIA team would like to see more amazing monks to join our community :)

Thank You!
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Add me ^^
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10/08/2012 09:32 AMPosted by Cloudi
- Other Classes are welcome to join, but must be able to solo Act 3/4 effectively.

That made me lol. "Other classes"? So you mean WDs ;)?
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100k DPS ... desuka?
one day =)
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pls add me. i am using sunkeeper currently for mf purpose, so dps is lower.
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Interesting to join, just meet the group basic requirement, but don't know qualify or not?
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I don't meet the Monk dps requirements (I'm ~60K dps) but I have 700 AR / 7K Armor / 38K HP / 570 LOH / 5.9% LS unbuffed. After the STI nerf in 1.05 I will still have 500K eHP (not including dodge).

I'm in Korea time zone.
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I'm down for an invite. Still got slot open?
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insane gear smallpotatok
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add me
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Once I get home from work, I'll add the awesome monks that meets the requirement to my friend list. I just have to ask 2 easy question, before adding you to the group :)

Mainly about where you play from and what hours you usually play.

Thank you for all your interests, I hope to talk to you guys soon.

- Other Classes are welcome to join, but must be able to solo Act 3/4 effectively.

That made me lol. "Other classes"? So you mean WDs ;)?


lols, this is mainly due to the fact that we have not yet figured out what would be a fair requirement for a WD ^^; Not that many around to talk with.

The group is relatively new, so things are taking some time to shape up :)

I hope I'm not offending any great WDs out there.
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Hi im interested, i play a monk, hope i meet the requirements. ID Fayte#1670
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i'll try out for the hell of it, 200k dps solo act 3 / 4 easy all day
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10/08/2012 10:05 PMPosted by Fayte
Hi im interested, i play a monk, hope i meet the requirements. ID Fayte#1670


Welcome to the club!

Kindly add cloudi.asia@gmail.com and join our fb group to gather up with other members!

Happy Farming !
Edited by Fluffy#6300 on 10/9/2012 1:58 AM PDT
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I'm down to try out. Just waiting on a few gear choices to hit 100k currently at 83k Have the cash just haven't been able to stick with anything. I'm playing from Japan and Usually from 6-11 weeknights and most of the day weekends.
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10/08/2012 10:29 PMPosted by DEATHLOCK
i'll try out for the hell of it, 200k dps solo act 3 / 4 easy all day


I viewed your profile and it looks like ur dps unbuffed is 70K+.

Sorry but u do not fit the requirement my friend.
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Sign me up and add me in game. Prawnstar#1239

My AR is a little shy of your req but DPS and HP should be more than sufficient. Let me know. :)
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i hope i can join. only have almost 33k hp but i meet the other requirements for monk. kythe#1123
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Hi. Feel free to add me.

-109k dps unbuffed
-668 res
-6.7k armor
-36k hp (with exp gem)
-5.6% lifeleech

expect to have big boost to hp and dps and a small one to res soon since i'm sitting on 1 set inna & 1 set blackthrone

P/s: would prefer to remain anonymous and an exclusion from the FB if possbile..
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