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Rate the monk above me part 4

please rate my monk and tell me what i need to change and improve ty
You have two left hands.

But seriously I would break up the shenlong set and get you an echoing fury while keeping the LOH shenlong. The extra attack speed gets you a big dps boost + the LoH will proc alot more since the EF adds 25% IAS to the other weapon your holding as well
Pretty well balanced monk with good sustain and resists. One thing to work on is bringing up the armor. If the PTR is exactly how it will be at launch, all monks are going to need more armor.
^ nice monk, pretty well built. Got the LoH and life and resists arent below 300. high dmg weapons and such good !@#$.
^ awesome build and gear! there isnt much more to say XDXDXD
Nothing to add... ever try overawe - with life steal and your dps base, you'd be a beast!
Charle - I'd get crit on the helm, ias on the ammy and maybe pants with some vit. oh and upgrade the gems - they're pretty cheap at the moment!
Ezz - I would change both my ring to get dex and vit on them including the resist cc and ias, get a belt with alot more resist and life %, a boots with slightly lower stats and double resist, and maybe inna pants for more attk speed and movement speed.

Solid build going on there! Can see you're opting for a Lifesteal + Sever combo, which isn't bad at all. Your shoulders are very nice also! However, your sustain is already very good so I suggest dropping the pants and going for one that would increase your dps. You have amazing life sustain although I bet you could drop some of it for a gain in dps so you can clear faster :D
maybe some CC and AS on your one ring, other than that, I cant see anything else

Solid looking build. the only real thing i can see is your sustain. unless im missing something, i only see the loh on your offhand. not sure if thats enough or not. i would try to add some ls, lpss or regen if possible maybe. thats what im gonna try working on. other than that, i would say just work on raising your dps some


I would look into upgrading the gems in your weapons, as that should net you a good dps gain, and the gems have been going a little cheaper lately in the ah. i think an upgrade to your gems all around would be a good thing too. your sustain looks pretty good. i personally dont like your helm, with the 25% extra fire damage taken, but if thats not a problem for you then i wouldnt change it. you have good CC numbers, but besides your weapons, i only see 22% on one ring, so that could go up some, if plausible

I can only see you needing AS and CC on your one ring. I wouldnt worry about the socket so much if you can get the AS
Thanks for the review :D

I can only see you needing AS and CC on your one ring. I wouldnt worry about the socket so much if you can get the AS
Thanks for the review :D

yeah, i really dont like the look of that ring either, but i found it the other day while farming, and it actually does more dps than the 4.5% cc 33%cd 17-43 damage ring i had in that slot
i'd like some input, thanks
I'd like some input. I look on the AH pretty often and rarely find something I feel that would really improve. I don't like sacrificing DPS if I can keep from it. My resists could be better im sure, just over 600 with OwE =/
@ illestfob

I would work on stacking the same second resist on your armor, if you keep it the same OwE would really be helpful unless your trying to keep from using which I would understand. Another thing that helps is + %Life (shoulders, belt, chest, helm, and some others on Ledgs.). Rings and Ammys can be some of your biggest DPS supporters, so if you can find some with any CD/CC/IAS/DMG/Mainstat it would really up your DPS, and work on stacking def stats on the rest of your armor.
I'm sure you're already looking to upgrade your lifesteal weapon with one that has higher weap dmg. Try to get any combo of CHC/IAS/CHD on each of your rings, not just one per ring. 1.0.5 rings are gonna be huge upgrades.

Here's your Diablo Progress profile:
Please advice what improvements I can have. I have only about 3M. Thanks.
@ tauhuey The quickest upgrade for you on a 3m budget is an offhand weapon that's close to your MH in terms of weap dmg. I see you have poison, arcane, and physical resistances. Pick one if you're planning on using OwE.
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