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Rate the monk above me part 4

@tauhuey ...and cold res...

Some more HP wouldn't hurt.
Try to get any combo of CHC/IAS/CHD on your rings and amulet too.

I like the build. solid dps with some tanking ability too. Your lifepool is very nice. i like that you have a couple of forms or sustain with life after kill, some regen and a ton of health globes. do you survive well enough with the health globes? its an interesting idea. if anything, you could maybe add some resist on your chest piece maybe. and if possible, maybe add some min and max damage to your rings and amulet. the prices for those stats are undervalued currently

Health globes can become very useful tools - especially with pickup radius. Globe bonus increases health potion effectiveness next patch so I'm lookin forward to that. I don't really need LoH or LS because of my block (but I do have LoH gem just in case).
Hopefully, I'll be able to afford the 1.0.5 jewelries.


Your profile page and diabloprogress gear are a lil different. I'll go with diabloprogress.
Nice dps and LS! Resists are all set. Armor could be higher, though.
I guess all you really need now are CHC/CHD/IAS combos on your ring slots and higher damage LS/OS weapons.
Best of luck on those drops!

you have tons of resists / Armor, i also think you could drop resolve for something else i.e. fleet footed <-- not a waste IMO, stacks on top of his 24% move speed for faster clearing / transcendence maybe for extra healing.
Other then that, your pants could be your next upgrade for some extra Dex(sockets)?

--- Edit
also maybe swap our mantra of healing for overawe considering your resistances are 700+ as is
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Overall you obviously are well geared. I think you could get better shoulders and pants though. But the +9% life on the shoulders might be why you want to keep them. Perhaps upgrade your weapons eventually, but that would be quite expensive considering you are already pretty well off.

You have a lot of res but very low armor, you could drop some res to find +armor pieces to be more efficient in damage reduction. I'd also suggest some crit chance on the helm, and some additional attack speed (ammy or rings). Inna's pants would be a good upgrade for you.

I would recommend the following;

>Chest Armor: Look for high DEX / VIT with 3-sockets
>Pants Armor: Look for high DEX / VIT with 2-sockets
>Replace both of your weapons; they are missing the CD% bonuses, despite having CD gems. I understand why you chose them but trust me you'll experience a big DPS improvement.
>Bracer Armor: You should look into purchasing one with .06% CC.
>Amulet: Great ammy but you're missing the CD% bonus as well as the (xx-xx) damage modifier. Something for you to keep in mind.
>Boots: Great resist numbers. Try and look for a similar boot with 12% movement speed.
BroolStory - very solid gear, hard to critique. I'd say just keep a look out if they ever to decide to change OWE, as you have very little resist all. Also, not sure if you have enough life regen for higher MP levels, might want to work in some life on hit in jewelry when 63 jewelry starts dropping if your LS doesn't suffice.
I'd like some input too, thanks. But I think mainly I am lacking in IAS?
You need alot more crit damage!

You want a 10/1 ratio of crit dmg to crit chance. Or at least as close as you can get.

I would suggest new weapons.

Main hand : high dps(950+) SLOW weap (mace,spear) with socket + crit dmg(or 2.7+LS) , and some dex pref.

Off hand : Won Khim Lau 600-800dmg , 23%+ lightning dmg , + socket , crit dmg or 2.7LS (your dps numbers wont be giant, but this will double your overall damage.)

Armor wise you need more crit on your gloves, you can lose some crit chance there.

Gloves : more crit dmg, less crit chance. and some vit.

Shoulders : more dex (keep the pickup range)

Helm : good

Chest : Get an Inna's chest, hopefully one with psn

Ammy : dex/vit/psn res/crit chance/crit dmg is what your looking for

Wrists : All resist + the stats that is on your current item.

Rings : Go for one with high psn/all resist and drop the crit. On the other get crit chance + crit dmg + dex/vit

Boots : good

There. a full gear check.

Good gear overall. I think a little more HP would help for the new patch.

9/10 nice mix of DPS and Armor
I'd give you a 7/10
I don't like your off hand, maces aren't my thing.

I'm looking for great advice. I'm torn on weapons and upgrading gear without losing my resists. So, rip me up and let me know. :)
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sorry mapz dont know anything about hardcore. good luck though!

i know i need better gems. what else?

Thanks for the gear check. Guess I will aim for shoulders then gloves. For ammy and rings, I will wait for 1.0.5 patch.
I'd say get a better belt for sure, and plausibly a better chest piece (2 piece inna's is good enough) - Also, if you're so fortunate, 2 of nat's (7% Crit Chance increase) is great, 3 piece is EXCELLENT (7% + 130 Dext)

Better gems would be nice, also more vitality to raise your survival rate.

Overall not a bad monk, 7.8/10

Upgrade your weapons for more critical damage and/or dex to increase your dps. Everything else is pretty solid.

You have a decent damage packed there. As for improvement, maybe change the sword with something with LoH for longevity and add a bit of HP (somewhere in the 40k level perhaps?)

I am envious with your damage :D
@ pepper 6/10 u could get crit and attack speed on ur rings will up ur dps a lot but very nice sustain

The gear i got on is my mf gear which i run act 3 with
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