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Rate the monk above me part 4

@Taross decent mf gear, I need to get some mf myself.

Anyone have any suggestions for me? Any tips would be appreciated.

You look somewhat well geared if that's your MF gear but I can't really judge without your true gear on. :x I would say farming with MF is probably a bad idea if your stats go down a lot, you lose a ton of efficiency. If anything have a few pieces to swap out before you kill something but unless you're doing it very fast it's going to slow you down.

You have some good gear but your hp is pretty low. Remember that after that patch you will need a lot more life when MP is on.
yeh my norm gear gets me about 85k dps 1k loh 3 ls 1k ar after buffs 1 k life regen 6.8k defence 30k life

cheers for the thumbs up though on my mf gear
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looks pretty solid to me! I'd say maybe drop some MF on your rings for some CD or AS
@ghost dude that chest n shoulder gotta change....step on them and throw them away
u can get way stats with cheap amount of gold.

Please let me kno what i can upgrade that is worth upgrading to give me the most improvment.
Iam willing to give out 10mil gold to someone i think can find the items that i can upgrade with decent price。 i have around 1 il and got 100 radiant amethyst for 6.3mil a pop, wait for 1.05 when the price will skyrocket cus ppl will change their exp gem from helm to hp gem for hellfiring ring farmin at mp6+.

Again i will give out 10mil to who can find me the est upgrade from AH

EDIT: IAM looking for high sustain items maye more resist, more ehp and improved dps
i also think i need a new glove. and also dont mention amulet and rings since i kno ill upgrade those after patch. I am looking for really good upgrade for a good price too. I will invite the person who helped me the most and hand out a sweet 10mil gold. I am looking for multiple upgrade and i kno there are a lot. THank you very much!
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@Nyanevo man u r looking perfect, its my dream have ur DPs, but ur gloves should have more DEX on them and idk if innas belt is better than witching hour. And again u have a very good monk congratulations.
@Bras some quality weapons and good set items, but your gloves could chunk your DPS up a good 10-15k i think, look at trying to get some crit dmg, and/or attack speed on those gloves. Also, i think it's pretty common practice nowadays to get a red gem in your helm for more paragon's. Your pants aswell, some higher stat rolls on them and i think you would notice a pretty strong upgrade.

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If you get Inna's helm and pants, you'll get huge huge DPS boost.
You do not need 42K HP. So you should get more other stats instead.
2 piece Inna's set are almost must have for higher tier monks.
Next step is to get Witching Hour, Natalya's Boots and ring.
I'm on this step and grinding for hours... to get at least 50mil... to get one of those...

Also don't forget to add MF. I noticed the diff after MF250+.
Below that, I didn't notice much.... So I always try to keep the MF above 250.
(I tested about 50 runs each with and without 250+MF in A3 for the past 2 months or so. Noticed the big diff in getting sellable loot. About 20-30mil difference in profit.)
Right now, I switch the helm for elite fights that gives me 300MF w 5 stack.
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Nice monk. What is your CD at? You have great CC so just make sure the CD aligns with that,

Any tips on mine would help - I need some MF

My CD is at 343%. 10% CD would give me 1300DPS. So yeah, I need more of CD to gain more DPS. You have a very nice monk, too. You can upgrade the pants and boots or even the shoulder with 20% MF. You should lose 10K HP and get MF, Res, and/or armor. Always want to keep the res 650~750+ unless you have 120K+DPS unbuffed... But even that with new monster power system, you want as much defense as possible.
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Nice Monk you maybe need some more life steal or Life on hit
Yeah, I'm getting back on LoH, Life Steal since I gave up on those after 1.04 but I feel like I need it a bit more. But I only die 2 times max per 2-3 runs in A3 so I'm OK with it now but I just wanna lazy tank Azmoden lol.

You need to get Vile Ward shoulder. Also better amu and bracer and you are pretty much complete.
Also if you wanna gain more DPS, you can ditch the Inna's belt (lose 4 set bonus, though) and get Witching Hour. That gives you great DPS gain.
Got skipped.

You are pretty much good to go on any level.
But getting Vile Ward shoulder would be the cheapest and the best upgrade for you.
After that, you just have to hunt for epic belt, bracer and amu.

thanks for the input and yes I am looking at the Vile Ward shoulders as my next upgrade and then bracers and then I will look into the amm

I just have to make sure I am still keeping my res and life up as I make the changes to my gear

as for the belt I am liking the 4 set bonus right now but may upgrade in a while to the witching hour
Lol no one want free 10mil gold? amazing i guess everyone in this game dat r still playing r rich by now
10/14/2012 09:52 AMPosted by Nyanevo
Lol no one want free 10mil gold? amazing i guess everyone in this game dat r still playing r rich by now

I guess because it is off topic.
You may open a new thread dedicated to your request.
I don't mind grinding for 10mil (and still have fun) but I'm too lazy to look for gear for somebody else even for 10mil. You gotta pay me at least 5mil to even start looking for your gear lol.
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I could use some help on my Monk, I don't have much to spend atm sadly but hoping for a decent drop that I can sell.

It is time for you to save up and get Inna's set.
I always recommend to get the helm and the pants first.
(or the belt and the pants for budget set but the Inna's belt isn't good. Unless you are going for 4 piece set.)
Also look for weapons with CD and a socket even with lower DPS.
That gives you huge DPS gain with gems. (put at least 90% CD gems)
Also drop the Mantra of retribution and use MoE or MoC.
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