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Rate the monk above me part 4

Hi! My monk is on EU but i still came here because EU forums dont have this bragging thread :)

To the monk above me, i had the full shenlong set before but i find the proc not very useful and it also bugs sometimes. Also i find that when on a budget it is way easyer to snipe lower priced 300dex rolled shenlogs rather then sniping for the holy grail (socketed ones)
Also in general i prefer att speed over raw dps because if you manage to get enough first of all owerave will be running full time with no interrupts and obvious LOH benefits.
So i personally went for andariels helm among other inconventional solutions such as blackthorn set. All monks are running innas and on top of being ugly it is uber expensive with all res roll.

Also i came here to share (brag) a bit, chek out my latest snipe, weapon! Paid only 150 mil but on eu this baby is worth 400+ ez

Love this thread
Cant rate the non monk above me! :D

Peace fellas!
You can by clicking EU bottom right when you click on my profile page :)
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Love the set fist wep and those vile wards, you deal great damage. Really liking the build.

Here's my profile,
Could use some suggestions for new gear, but keep in mind I've changed my build for the new patch with more life on hit and life regen to help survivability with the seize in inti nerf. I've got about 20mill banked at the moment. Looking to add a legendary piece. Not sure what piece needs upgrading the most. Thank You.
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Sorry mate.
Realy great sustain and damage build.
Will you change for Inna´s and witching hour and speed up your move?


Just finish Shelong set and get witching hour =) I like Nats boots and ring combo also. but good stuff
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Save your money, cant tell you one single item only to change i see there 3 or 4 items need to be change. Wait for the patch then we talk.


I would look at getting a weapon with your loh, or ls, with OS so you can add some CD. I see your CC is decent, but not a whole lot in terms of CD. I would also look into getting the second piece to inna's if you can (belt, helm, pants)


Nice blend of ls, loh and regen. Maybe add a little more in the way of CD, since your CC numbers are pretty good. I try to get around 10:1 ratio of CD to CC. I say try, because its not always plausible. Nice monk

What the resist are you stacking? Allres?

That seems like a very inefficient way to go.

What the resist are you stacking? Allres?

That seems like a very inefficient way to go.

Fire resist...i have it on 5 pieces, and im looking to add it to more

Nice monk overall. The only thing i notice is not much sustain (unless I missed something) i see a little loh, regen and life after kill. if that is sufficient, then disregard. i like your life pool numbers

Yeah some more resist would be good, add some single resist to your accessories and can you get an INNA'S RADIANCE with some resist?

Obviously a bit more dex would help but you are at that stage where many of us are, every upgrade is going to hurt.
Can someone check me out?
10/14/2012 04:51 PMPosted by Ghost
Can someone check me out?

Solid build...looks like you need a bunch more resist all though! Seems you're low on that and likely a huge reason for any deaths you have. damage is nice though!

And i know its an expencive piece...but the Andy's has a LOT of fire damage to you. Seriously hurting you since most of the terrible elite packs have molten, desecrator, and firechains to begin with!
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Awesome!! Thank ya! Any idea what I can drop to grab more resists?
For survivability you could probably drop the blackthorn pants and get some depth diggers with poison resist.

Shoulders all resist and poison resist can get bumped up with 120+dex/120+vit if you keep a close eye on the AH for new auctions, you can probably find one for sale quite cheap from someone that doesn't know what its worth. I know mine arent AWESOME but I found a MUCH nicer pair for 11m and flipped for 60m. I could/should have kept them...but cheap examples can be found.

Everything else looks solid really and your rings are fabulous!

Mind you; the life on hit is a really nice on those pants though...god damn sacrifices! haha
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Thanks man! I say you should aim for a CD/CC ring and one CC/AS ring, and some more crit else where :)
solid build you have there, I have problem switching to andariel because I stack up cold resist, probably will look into it, also my sustainable can't survive poison or fire from elite, and shenlong socket is definitely my wet dream
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For survivability you could probably drop the blackthorn pants and get some depth diggers with poison resist.

Hmm.. not unless he will be replacing that pants with the same (or better) Life %, it will not be that wise to replace that since he is already low on HP so to speak.

@Ghost: Looking at your gears, I would start looking for a better bracer or shoulders.

@Ruru: Decent gears you have there. If there is a thing to comment, that would be to possibly increase your resist, armor and hp in preparation of the upcoming patch. Damage is not the best but should be enough IMO
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@ Pepper

Holy dex, nice back lash build mate. I reckon your left ring is probably your weakest item, you could probably pick up a rare or legendary/set ring with a fair bit more dex if you really want to max out that stat. Also no serenity? I guess you must be comfortable without it and I presume backlash wont proc if your invulnerable (havent tested this), but I don't think I would run Blazing Wrath over it still.
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