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10/31/2012 05:35 PMPosted by kyokei
Yeux - farm runs for people that give away items? Sure why not?

most of my stuff I give away to nikki is hand me downs. if I get better items via farming or AH then I don't mind giving away stuff.
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Giveaway is closed for at least week while I sort some things out....will update this when it starts again.
Edited by Nikki#6469 on 11/1/2012 8:06 PM PDT
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lazy ;)
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ok boys and girls after reading niks last lost I shall keep the good stuffs I get then dump it all into here.. in a few days time while nik takes a break
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Hey guys,

It's hard work consistently farming just to give away items to others everyday and to be bombarded with requests every time you log on. There's nothing wrong with that as she did offer and allowed for that but at a certain point you just want to slow things down and have some 'me' time. So that's what I believe she is going to do after getting some advice from concerned parties.

Please if you can not bombard her with requests while she is doing her own thing that would be awesome, this way will ensure she will not burn out and this giveaway continue for a while as long as she wants to. Your cooperation is much appreciated =)


Edited by kyokei#1158 on 11/1/2012 8:11 PM PDT
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Can we join her in a farm run though?
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Hey, thats for you to ask her. I was mainly talking about asking for items =P
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11/01/2012 11:06 PMPosted by Hayaku
Can we join her in a farm run though?

You can if I am playing and there is a free space but I doubt I'll be online much anyway :)
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over the next week I am gonna be upgrading my WD gears.
so with luck when Nikki returns I shall have items that will make any underwhelmed wd happy.
able to do act four all day if that's whay ya want with the old gears.

presently have a weapon and bracers.
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Giveaway is closed for good unless someone else takes it up.

Kyo, if you want my gear, msg me and make a time & I'll log on and give it to you :)

Thanks for the fun everyone but I'm out.
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Nik whats going on? Don't tell me it's that person I'm thinking of..?

Can ya log into Skype tonight and I'll msg ya when I get home, probably get home sometime between 10 - 11pm NZ time.
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cya there....
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cheer up nikki!
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Thanks Nikki for your help with gear!
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Hope everything is ok Nikki, haven't seen you online for awhile but then again I have been busy myself.
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Been holding onto these but don't need them now so here they are. 1 per person only please. Preference will be given to people already on my friends list.

Skorn - 1509.6

+50% dmg, 342 str, inc att sp 10%, crit dmg 197%, 99.7% chance to inflict bleed for 6983-12938 over 5 seconds, socket.

Echoing Fury - 1223.4

+40% dmg, 161 str, +0.23 att per second, crit dmg 70%, 11% chance to fear on hit, socket.

Echoing Fury - 1164.9

+39% dmg, 157 str, +0.25 att per second, crit dmg 80%, 12.2% chance to fear on hit, socket.

Immortal King's Eternal Reign - 804 armor

198 str, 88 vit, 80 All Resist, 11% life, +360 armor, 3 sockets.
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godly EFs ur friend list must be full by now^^
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heh, decide I need a break from my wiz and start working on my barb and Nikki comes up with this amazing stuff!

I'd love the first EF but would take any of that gear if it's available Nikki. Will be home from work in an hour or two, pretty sure I saw you online yesterday so guess that means I'm still on your friends list :)
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Hey nikki, could i please have the skorn if available?

Actually. Nevermind. I dnt really play barb so it will be more useful to someone else :)
Edited by WAZZ#6978 on 1/7/2013 4:50 PM PST
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Nik still giving stuff away, too charitable I tell ya!

One per person sounds better to be fair on others. I remember when some people asked for heaps of items when you first initiated the giveaways.

Did your luck come back again?
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