Diablo® III

I Just Fixed Monks

I have devised a few changes to some of the more nonviable passives and abilities of the Monk class that will put them up to par with the viable ones.

Transcendence - Healing increased to 75 per spirit point spent; passively reduces the spirit cost of all abilities by 15%.

Chant of Resonance - As well as increasing the spirit regeneration and duration of mantras, adds a bonus effect to the mantra, which then extends to nearby party members.
  • Manta of Evasion - Adds 5% critical strike chance.
  • Mantra of Retribution - Increases damage dealt by 10%.
  • Mantra of Healing - Increases effect of all healing spells by 25% (Includes regeneration)
  • Mantra of Conviction - Adds 20% critical strike damage.
  • Exalted Soul - Increase passive spirit regeneration to 3 per second, from the former 1 per second.

    Sixth Sense - Instead of increasing dodge change, the passive now increases your critical strike chance by 12% of your dodge chance.

    Pacifism - While under the effects of any crowd control effect, decreases all damage taken by 75%, but while not under any crowd control effects; your armor is increased by 10%.

    Beacon of Ytar - Reduces all ability cooldowns by 20%. Each ability on cooldown increases your attack speed by 7%.

    Guiding Light - Change so it no longer increases damage from healing others, but instead, every time you use a healing spell, you gain a holy stack; When you reach 3 holy stacks, you release a bolt of holy energy that bounces from enemy to enemy damaging them for 75% weapon damage (procs life on hit).

    Combination Strike - Increase the duration to 6 seconds.

    Near Death Experience - When receiving fatal damage, as well the current effect; you now move 10% faster for 2 seconds and gain the ability to move through enemies after Near Death Experience is triggered. (Effect cannot occur more than once every 60 seconds)

    Suggested changes to abilities :

    Mystic Ally - Increase Mystic Ally's damage to 65%.
  • Air Ally - Instead of a chance to generate 100 spirit; increase spirit generation from skills by 15% as well as increasing the ally's torrent of wind damage to 20%.
  • Eternal Ally - Increase damage to 70%, as well as giving the monk 2% life-steal.
  • Water Ally- Cause the ally to heal the monk and his nearby group members for 20% of the damage it deals.
  • Fire ally - Cause the ally to add a debuff to enemies it attacks that does 15% of the ally's damage over 2 seconds as fire damage.
  • Earth Ally - Increase damage of the taunt to 90% weapon damage.
  • Mantra of Retribution - Look at the Wizards storm armor for example; instead of dealing thorns damage to the enemy, why not make it deal a percentage of the monks damage?

    Wave of Light - Reduce spirit Cost to 45.

    Lashing Tail Kick - Reduce spirit cost to 25

    Inner Sanctuary - Increase the radius of the Sanctuary.

    Exploding Palm - Every time a enemy under the effect of the ability dies, the debuff transfers to a nearby enemy unit within 6 yards.

    Sweeping Winds - Fuse the runes, "Master of wind", and "Fire Storm" together, while adding a new rune called Ice Storm, that slows enemies you run into by 50% as well as dealing frost damage.

    Seven Sided Strike - Reduce cool-down to 20-25 seconds; increase spirit cost to 65.

    Cyclone Strike and Tempest Rush - Increase damage of both abilities.
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    How is trying to fix the monk class trolling? I don't think children understand the definition of troll anymore..
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    Really what we gotta do is get more people interested in monks as soon as it becomes the most popular class it'll get buffs trust me :)
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    Good pantheon, I like the chant of resonance stuff... Also As it for now, exalted soul is useless for a monk... no one will use this if you use a mantra... u get 2 spirit regen from Chant of resonance and only one from exalted soul even with the 100 spirit addition, it's not worth it...

    Also for the mantra of retribution, i would change this for another def aura or another offensive aura like :

    increase attack speed
    runes :
    1 - Add critical dam
    2 - add critical chance
    3 - add damage
    4 - add life on hit
    5 - increase more att speed

    or defensive aura:
    Add 25% armor
    1 - add 15% or resist
    2 - slow target
    3 - first 3 sec can't be frost
    4 - add 40% armor
    5 - add life %

    And breath of healing the area of effect should be bigger.

    But good job!!!
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    too op

    sixth sense 12% crit... maybe 5% would be ok.
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    Beacon of Ytar looks pretty OP.
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    Beacon of Ytar suggestion looks really good. And its only synergy is with the skills which can be on cooldowns. So a maximum of 4 skills (outside of the spirit spender / mantra) where most people will be using 1-3?.

    So an IAS buff of 7%/14%/21%/28% which pretty much disappears the moment you have nothing on cooldown? I don't think its OP. *Shrug*
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    Here are a few fixes of my own for the monk class:

    1.) Stop putting effective DH stats on set gear of ours that they can use = increased availability/affordability (e.g. Inna's helm should have had the stats the pants have).

    2.) Give us a life steal skill like ALL other classes have (e.g. exploding palm that returns 9% damage like rend, a healing mantra that gives 1.5 - 3% LS like Nether Tentacles, Vampire bats, or the one rune wizards can use on magic weapon instead of useless amounts of LoH) Hell, I'd even settle for an insanely OP skill like whirlwind with the blood funnel rune that returns 1% of your max life per critical. Hell, let's put it on SW for !@#$s and giggles.

    3.) Make 2h weapons actually WORTH using. (e.g. Guardian's Path while dual-wielding gives you a 15% bonus to dodge while 2h weapons give you... 35% spirit generated? LOL you kidding me? Make it something like +10 crit chance, +10 attack speed, or even 25% bonus to armor.)

    4.) Change SSS to be more effective. (i.e. When you use the attack, and I LOVE Fulminating Onslaught, the mobs of enemies that kite you run away and you basically stay in one spot, wasting what's left of SSS on imaginary enemies. Make the monk FOLLOW the enemy when using other rune modifications and increase the radius of fulminating onslaught so it can attack anything that is currently on your screen.)

    5.) Lower the costs of some spirit-spending skills. (e.g. 90% of the monk skills are worthless when you compare spirit consumption to the garbage damage/effects they have. Wave of light is a great skill that I thoroughly enjoy using because it's great for large mobs, but at 75 spirit and SW at 75 spirit... You see, Inna's set bonuses past the 130 dex are garbage. Reducing the cost of SW by 70 spirit is extremely useless. If you use SW before a group of enemies, you more than regain your spirit back after the group dies to recast it at the next group. So wtf makes Inna's so great? Idk... go ask a DH. Nerf spirit costs, plain and simple.)

    6.) Address the lack of ability to switch between primary skills (e.g. Thunderclap is really the only viable primary because monks hurt severely for LoH/LS while tanking. With an aura, such as MoC with Reclamation rune or the MoH with BoI, the rune could be changed to add LS instead of useless amounts of LoH. Then, tankability increases with different build variations.)

    7.) Cyclone strike is another amazing skill I like because it groups enemies together for AoE attacks like Explosive Light and Fulminating Onslaught. Unfortunately, it does garbage damage and the only effective rune is the one that increases the radius of the skill. Change the skill to be more like Ground Stomp. (i.e. Make the skill stun enemies for 1.5 - 3 seconds and remove the damage or make it like Revenge and have it heal you 5% of your maximum life per enemy vortexed.)

    8.) Exploding Palm, another great AoE spell which I greatly enjoy using, is useless because of the low damage per second and garbage explosion damage. Change it to return life or else increase the damage per second. (e.g. Returns the same amount of life as Rend, buff it to do the same damage over time as rend, or give it an insane buff like Trail of Cinders where it can do like 1500% weapon damage over 3 seconds but removes the explosive effect to balance it out.)

    9.) Remove the knockback on 90% of the skills that knock things back. Quite frankly, this effect is useless and harmful to tanking monks that could actually use some of the AoE runes on WoL and LTK because you NEED tightly formed groups of enemies to really get the LS and LoH amounts that are worthwhile.

    10.) Tempest Rush is complete and utter trash for a skill. Cheap to initiate the attack, but 10 spirit per second while channeling for a mere 85% weapon damage? Make THAT skill knock back everything you hit or return 1% of your life on critical hits. With some of the other skills and passives, monks could effectively immitate the awesomeness that is known as the WW barb.

    11.) Breath of Heaven is a great skill at low levels and is only useful later on for the Blazing Wrath rune that increases damage by 15% for 45 seconds. Still, it's a pretty mediocre increase. Monks severely lack AoE skills, so change the Circle of Scorn rune to do something like 180% weapon damage instead of 80%. With the low spirit cost, this would be a very viable skill as it works relatively well with LoH. Change the healing on the skill to instead return X amount of maximum life over X amount of seconds. Let's face it, the mediocre amount healed is completely useless in inferno.

    12.) Inner Sanctuary... you got me there. Complete garbage skill that I've never once even THOUGHT about using.

    13.) Dashing Strike is another one of those useless skills I never use except for fast travel, really. Kind of at a loss for modification here as well. Maybe make it stun everything within 8 yards of the area of impact? Increase the damage so it's actually worth using? I mean, all it's really good for is rooting those kiting enemies, which is kind of ruled useless by the fact that Thunderclap teleports you to the target.

    14.) Mantra of Retribution is only good for the IAS bonus. Honestly, I've always wanted to make a thorns monk with this mantra. The 80% damage returned is nice for the first 3 seconds, but how effective is it when you're returning 40% of the 3-5k damage you take when hit? Maybe make it reflect 80% all the time and double it for the first 3 seconds? Idk, even that is kind of useless. Give it a rune that increase your total thorns damage by 25-50% like the passive that Barbs have?

    15.) Daibos do garbage damage compared to some of the non-specific 2h weapons. Why would I use something that will do 700-1200 damage when I could use Skorn? If you're going to leave the Daibos at the garbage damage they do, give us some base crit damage legendaries with 2 sockets like Manticore to REALLY make a 2h viable. Or change Flying Dragon so that the "Chance to double your attack speed" is actually worth it.

    16.) Mystic Ally is a skill I would really like to use, but it still kind of sucks for added DPS and the only useful modifications are Air and Earth. Make water (since there's an achievement called "Like Water") increase your dodge chance, have fire ally increase you and your ally's damage by 10%, and make Eternal Ally explode when it dies doing AoE and give it a better chance of respawning if kills an enemy. Rework your nerfing forumla so that a player cannot stack Guardian's Path on top of Water ally on top of MoE on top of Lightning Flash.
    17.) Certain passives could use reworked:

    Transcendence - Increase spirit REGENERATION by 2 per second and health globes also restore 15-20 spirit.

    Chant of Resonance - Let's get OP here since other classes are insanely OP skill/passive wise. Make it so you can have TWO mantras active at one time. Done deal.

    Pacifism - Useless, hands down. Serenity breaks all control impairing effects, so the only way to make this passive useful is to ignore all CC effects. Even then, Idk...

    Beacon of Ytar - How many useful skills have cooldowns? I can only think of one, and that's SSS. The ridiculous cost of half of your entire maximum spirit makes this an unspammable skill anyway. All other somewhat useful skills have short cooldowns anyway, so make this skill reduce cooldowns by 25% AND return life per spirit spent. I mean, even if it heals you for 100 spirit spent, that's 7,500 life per SSS or 5,000 per Cyclone Strike. Useless, really, because high-cost skills are unspammable.

    Guiding Light - This passive REALLY has some potential. I've used it countless times in combination with Breath of Heaven to get a 31% damage increase and it's absolutely amazing... while it lasts. Increase the duration a little more and this is one solid passive.

    Combination Strike - Lose MASSIVE survivability just so you can use more than one passive skill to increase your damage? You kidding me? Rework this one. Completely rework it. Make it into something not so useless. Thanks.

    Near Death Experience - Upon death, erupt with an explosion of holy power that does 450% weapon damage to all enemies in the area.
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    10/13/2012 02:52 PMPosted by DeadRu
    LoL I thought he had a guide, just another troll stroking himself on the forums.

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