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Best MP10 Class 1.05

Why are people hating on Wizs? My buds wiz still perma-freezes everything on the PTR he just brings me along as a meatbag and some dps lol.
Welcome to Barblo 3.

Skills and passives that are so blatantly miles ahead of other classes (especially wizards and monks) that anything Blizzard says about "balance" is just a load of Jay Wilson's sh*t.

Not to mention LOL movespeed and CC immunity.
Please erase this thread. I fear of the repercussions.
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10/12/2012 08:46 AMPosted by jcp2007
Anyone dual wielding credit cards will faceroll

Sad but true

GG Bli$$ard
Barb of course is the most effective class in any situation
You know sometimes when reading the forums I completely forget that Diablo 3 has 5 classes. How come no one ever seems to play witch doctors? Are they stuck at MP0-3 like wizards?

I tryed MP4 on PTR with my current gear and I find it unefficient (I don't die, but it's slow). MP3 is the sweep spot for me.

Anyways I'm going to roll a WW Barb the minute 1.0.5 hits. Not doing it right now because I rather level up with 200% exp bonus.
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Of course Monk because its Jwilson's fave class... Ohhh he's playing barb...
WD if somebody would give me the gear I need to get up to 2,000 DPS. LOL
While I agree that barbs are a very strong class and certainly do faceroll with expensive gear but what class doesn't. From the people in this thread saying barbs, most do not play barbs as their main char. I hope that everyone realizes that these barbs that stream have elite gear which is unobtainable to most without rmah. A budget ww barb will fail just as hard as any other class in the higher mp levels.
Barb to me was not that enjoyable, prefer Monk, sorry.

And wondering why some without 60 Barbs are talking them up!?! (*cough* TICK)
Remember when barbarians were LoLBarbs? now they are Barbs LoLing >:]
any class if you stop crying and sucking....
10/12/2012 12:13 PMPosted by Primlock
Remember when barbarians were LoLBarbs? now they are Barbs LoLing >:]

Actually... no.
They were some times where DH and Wizards were considered overpowered.
Then they were some times where melee was considered underpowered.
Then they were some times where WD were considered underpowered.

Then... barb op.

PS: I already said it many times ago. Personnaly I am fine with one class being OP. Diablo had sorcerers and Diablo II had hammerdin (frozen orb sorcs before).
But there is no point in denying it either.
Barbs are the best.
forget those barbies and monkeys... DEMON HUNTERS !!! especially glass cannon with Nats legacy ;)
10/12/2012 12:23 PMPosted by grimdigital
forget those barbies and monkeys... DEMON HUNTERS !!! especially glass cannon with Nats legacy ;)
Nat's legacy is laughable and glass cannon is dead, sorry man. DH will be great, among the top-tier but not for those reasons.
As I see it and (why):

1. Barb (goes without saying, unless major changes happen)
2. Monk (wide range of abilities)
3. DH (High DPS)
4. Wiz (lots of issues)
5. WD (horribly underpowered in comparison to any other class)

I have a 60 of each, but at this point- due to the current game-state, am pumping millions of gold into my barb. There are several viable builds that do high dps and survivability.

For MP10, I vote to up the in-game player count to 8.
4-player is for consoles.
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