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Name a useless wizard's spell / skill rune

Hi guys, just wanted to compile all the evidently useless wizard spells / skill runes / passives in the wizard's arsenal. So here's how it works, name a spell that you think its useless, and why.

let me start off

the whole arcane torrent spell, because its basically a weaker version of arcane orb combined with ray of frost. And if you stop attackin while the missiles are in the air, the missiles vanishes too. how lovely
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Wizard club - hush.
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Waveof force 200%damage 15 second cooldown


Teleport Calamity 260 % damage cool down reset by illusionist

Same spell but better in every way
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Arcane Torrent isn't that bad... it's actually one of my favorite spells. The range and cursor control aspect make it great for sniping over rocks, walls, etc. It does fairly good damage too, plus each missile splashes. If you have a barb in your party to distract the monsters up close, a rain of missiles from afar completely tears them apart. (not good for boss fights though. Like you said, it takes awhile to initiate)
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Ice armor, first off its a lie it doesn't give you any armor, or any protection to speak of besides maybe slightly slowing down mobs. I dislike crystallize rune the most. You need to be hit 3 times to get the stacks and by then you will be dead anyways.
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Also, I know it is getting melee damage reduction in the patch, this is for now. But it is still useless because if I am a wiz I should be worried about getting hit by ranged mobs. Why can't it just protect me from everything...
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All of them.
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imo arcane torrent is viable with a build like this:

L: hydra arcane hydra
R: arcane torrent disruption

1: diamond skin / tele/ your choice
2: magic weapon force weapon
3: familiar cannoneer
4: energy armor prismatic armor (or force)

+ temporal flux, x, y

very nice synergy w/ archon sorcs in party
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Critical Mass since we're obviously not supposed to use this passive. ;)
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meteor, cause it costs so much ap, has a delay, and doesnt return that ap back even if u rock 50cc and 30 apoc in ptr
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Paralysis because it never, ever procs.
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mirror images because teleport - wormhole ! yay love u blizz
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Arcane mines
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power hungry
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Wicked Wind. Terrible spell 250% over 6 sec? Who uses that crap right?
Its almost as bad as meteor. Which needs a buff too!

Now wave of force... thats a quality spell right there
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Mirror image. Considering it's completely negated by teleport-fracture. Why would anyone ever use it?

Oops I wrote illusionist when i meant mirror image. Hooray for rum and coke.
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Illusionist is IMO the best passive we wizards have by far.
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Conflagration. Sure it's a passive, but it goes hand in hand with *the* most useless wizard skill: meteor.

Way to promote build diversity, blizz.
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mammoth hydra, except maybe in hallways?

mirror images since teleport offers a rune which not only teleports youbut also makes mirror images (I guess unless you really want 5 of them?)

familiar unless paired with sparkflint rune for the dps

and as much as it pains me to say, ray of frost, disintegrate, and arcane torrents have yet to prove useful to me even though their descriptions would make one think they're frickin awesome.

wave of force

ice armor

and can we take a second to appreciate the passives unstable anomaly and power hungry for how absolutely terrible they really are?

unstable anomaly is so awesome that if you're on the brink of death it might knock some stuff back if it happens to be off cooldown.

power hungry grants arcane power on..healthglobe pickup? I can't even think of something sarcastic to say about this one, it's just absolutely terrible.
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