I have noticed a bug with Chakram: Razor Disk.
No thread about it in the search yet.

Summary: Razor Disk sometimes deals no damage, when I try to lure him into the movement of its cycling.

-Turn Damge numbers on. ( I haven't turned it on by default so I always didn't notice this...)
-Have an Enemy stand infront of you. Cast Chakram through him in a way that after the initial hit it flies back to you and can hit the enemy again - so that it flies through the enemy again.
-See that the second hit doesn't "hit" because there is no damage number.

Reproduceability: I guess 90%, I tried even different positions and it didn't work.

It's akward to see the disk flying through the enemy and not doing anything.
Im suprised no one has discovered this bug yet.
It's realy not easy to hit someone twice, but the natural bad AE of the razor spells allow for "skillshots" if you hit with help of slow/stun you can deal good damage. Keep in mind it basically requires the enemy to stand still (and you). Of course it's again weak versus fast enemies that evade your preemptive hits.
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