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I was playing with my Monk friend earlier.
He said he heard nerf is in the pipeline.
Reasons are pretty straight forward n similar to Barb WW.

He said currently the dogs sacrifice skill provide highest dps, no resource cost, no cooldown, no reflect damage return, instant heal, instant mp, instant gruesome feast 5 stack. The skill is too not meant to be.

To be exact he said, sacrifice damage will be reduced.

Would be great if blue clarify on this? Do not want to buy a 300m item and end up being nerfed.
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That would depend on their damage output and how easy it is to recast them. If anyone can easily get the cooldown lowered to zero seconds with the right gear and skill selection. If the damage output is OP'd then yes I would say that a nerf of some kind is in order.

To be honest most nerfs that come down the pipeline are ones that players have seen coming for a long time. The majority of players in any online game can tell what skill will be the next likely candidate for nerfing. Whether or not it will be the next one, only time will tell.
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You need specific gear and that gear is not cheap. Also, is so damn boring...
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The sacrifice build isn't OP. It requires very specific gear to even be viable. That includes a homonculous, a level 57? offhand, which limits the DPS you can have, along with other items and skills which further reduce DPS. I played with it for a little, it's a fun alternative build, but not as strong as other WD builds. The animation time of summoning dogs and the additional animation time of sacrifice really hurts it.
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I don't know...
I mean... Yes it requires very specific gear, but those gears are not short in supply.
U need only 3 items to b exact. Helm, Offhand and the ring/amulet of your choice.
Offhand n Helm are cheap, only the Ring/Ammy thats expensive but it is still abundance.
DPS wise, 1100% total AOE damage.
Slow Animation? U guys haven't see it in action doing MP 10 with 30k dps.
U might say wtf? 30k dps? Yes... because hes doing 1100% damage hes clearing pretty fast.

MP 10!
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I don't see that as being anymore viable than many other WD builds at MP10.
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