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@Onime - Thanks for the kind words!

@MooseJuice - Thanks for the kind words! Don't forget, in addition to increasing your DPS from 58k to 73k, and keeping your AR and HP roughly the same, you also have 5%+ Life Steal (non before) and we added 8% block ;) Hope you enjoy!

@DevilSpawn - If you have godly gear, you could consider dropping war cry/impunity for marauder's rage. Haven't tested it yet, don't quote me on it. Not sure if it's even viable with godly gear since the goal is to pusher higher MP.

@Glowers - I can make you a sweet SnB setup for that budget. Shoot me a friend request in-game with your budget included!

@liquid - it's not about your current shoulders being horrible -- you're just getting the wrong stats on them. It's a higher overall benefit if you maximize the strength roll on the shoulders first. It's better than an extra 15 AR. Get the extra AR elsewhere for the price.
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@Rezic, thanks for the help and the new gear it is working great, i couldn't survive 2 min in act 3 before and now im plowing through with no problem. Killed Ghom in like 15 seconds with almost no damage done to myself. Have not quite finished act 3 yet but i am definitely not worried. Thanks again!
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@MooseJuice - Even with the Inferno nerf, Life Steal is still the way to go 1.0.5. Your high DPS will make up for it.

@KingOneF - You're welcome, my friend. Glad you're enjoying it!
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Hey Rezic,

any chance you can take a look at my barb, he seems to be doing o.k. but still dies a few times and im wondering if i have geared properly, or where do i start to make adjustments?

thanks a lot
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Hey Rezic,

I would like to have you get me some SnB barb gear. I sent you a friend invite in game. I have 54M to spend. I think some of my current gear is decent, so if you could take a look at what I could continue to use I would appreciate it.


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Hi Rezic&Ender,
Looking for a SnB build.Farming Act3 is tuff,just cant seem to do a run without taking that dirt nap.Barbs should be standing on there feet.I think hes in need of a few adjustments pls hlp.I have 10mil to spend. Thks
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i gave Rezic 100m and 2 days to build me a snb set for my barb who was struggling in inferno a3. i had 50k dps and died to trash mobs. i had no direction in gear and no idea how to do anything with my barb as far as buying upgrades.


i went from 50k dps unbuffed ( 64k with rage) to 70k ( 92k rage). my health is up. my defense is up i can farm easily and he gave me option to go further with tips on next upgrades i should get. i tried to price the gear he got me ( it was a full set) and i dont see how he did it. i have no clue how he did it.


all i can say is if you have doubts, worries, speculations or your cheap about the 10% fee... DONT BE. he saved me so much gold and got me a very well geared barb that im proud to play. once i farm up more gold say around 200m or so im going back to him directly in order to get the big upgrades.


9000 stars that is. he was polite, timely, knew his stuff and didnt short change me. he gave me my gear and 5 mil he didnt spend. i just wish he could do the same for my DH :)

thanks again rezic and i cant wait to send another 200-500m your way.. your getting a christmas card this year for sure.
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@Schnieds - Send me a friend request in game with your budget, and i'll hook you up! We can get a great gear set for that budget.

@Devilspawn - Let me know if you find a solution to the issue. I'll do the same if I crack it first.

@Narkosis - Send me a friend request in game with your budget, and i'll hook you up!

@rezarblades - Wow, thanks for the raving positive review! I'm very glad you're so happy with the gear.

@Everyone - I can't tell you how incredibly encouraging it is to have positive reviews like rezarblades just gave this thread. Although, it's not the reason we help the barb community, being appreciated definitely makes it all the more wonderful. If you ever wanted to know how to make our day-- that was it! I've never gotten a 9000 star review before..AWESOME!

Thanks to all of you who have shown us such amazing support by trusting us with your gold, and vouching for us when we serve you well!!
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Many Thanks for the helpful advise. I came across this thread think a month ago. After some advise from Rezic, I was able to FIX my barb to a certain degree.

Question now is how do i upgrade my gears further from now? I wasnt been able to buy any new gears for the past few weeks, the next upgrade seems to cost at least 5 million per piece.

Right now I am upgrading my gems. Other than that I don't know what else to buy.

Do I still make the common mistakes in your guide?

Playstyle wise I think my survivability is fine. Like SnB build, play often with 2 dps monk. HP now at 55K, willing to drop to 50K for some dps.
Budget wise I always spend all my gold, not much savings. But I can keep farming to get the gold for my next upgrade. I think a budget of 2million per piece for my next upgrade should be quite affordable to me at the moment

Need some advise on where to go next.
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Hi rezic, quick question for you, is IK set any good if you arent running ww? I may switch to ww when 1.05 comes out and I won't miss legendaries but I'm not sure if I should go ahead and invest in it while running my slam/rend build. Thanks in advance.
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This guide has saved my barb, and me from a lot of frustration.

Thank you for taking your time to write it out and post it for everyone to see...it's a great guide!

My SnB is doing 10 fold better, I'm just about to go into Inferno so I can't comment on how he's doing there yet, but Hell is easier than a breeze.

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@DevilSpawn - If you have godly gear, you could consider dropping war cry/impunity for marauder's rage. Haven't tested it yet, don't quote me on it. Not sure if it's even viable with godly gear since the goal is to pusher higher MP.
Actually I've switched it out for leap a few times, although the decrease in mobility is big. I guess with the upcoming nerf, if your gear is good enough, lots of people are taking out warcry. Makes sense. You do need godly gear tho =)
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after 1 day of playing with the new gear i pretty much just go aroung act 3 smashing hulk style and not worrying about skills at all except for the occasional elite like fire chain and stuff. i really can't believe the difference. it is so fun now, i just run around not caring what's just off screen. thnx rezic, another satisfied customer. see you again in about 500 mil or so. lol
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10/14/2012 06:19 PMPosted by Oldmanriver
is IK set any good if you arent running ww?
Yes, IK gear is very good if it has the rights stats, just don't buy it because it says IK though. Your going to need to drop at alot of gold for name brand items. The belt is prolly the best around for all builds, as it has high AR, LS, Str, and added damage mod for your frenzy, bash, cleave, or reduc to cost of weapon throw or rend. Make sure you get the high str roll (above 170) and make sure you get the right one for your build. Gloves with either crit damage or IAS added are very nice as well. The helm without AR I don't recommend to people unless you already have 1 and are getting the 2 set bonus. Boots are good for move speed but lack real stats. Moves peed is at thing of the past in my mind. Chest CAN be godly but out of reach for most NEVER buy a crappy IK chest, waste of gold. Blackthorns with high stats is a great alternative for WAYYY cheaper. I think that about covers all of IK. Overall, you spending alot of gold for the set because the 5 piece bonus is great for WW barbs, and well, "name brand" theory.

@Rezic please add xenosaki#1893 as our window model for 100m WW barb builds. You choose your favor SNB over 100M for the window as you've built those high budget ones I was too lazy too =/....That should be all for now in terms of page updates. Thx agian for your partnership and friendship =)
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Hey i just found this thread and was wondering if i can get some advice for gearing up on 1.05.
I farm comfortably in act 3 right now but i feel it won't work in the next patch, just advice would be fine since i only got 2m right now(Not sure if it's enough to buy anything lol). Also using WW build atm
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Hello you guys I have read such great things in this thread. I am not barb yet a paragon30 WD thinking of a change of pace but no idea where to go. I would like to get you guy;s insight ect. I would like to farm mp5 in 1.5 with WW barb. I played one in d2 and since have been engrossed in my WD. If we could chop it up in game discuss some things so IO could get an idea what im getting into ect that would be great!!

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