Greeting all

I'm trying to get this project off the ground. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions on it.

This is the basics of it

About Arena Legends:

This is NOT a mmorpg.

Arena Legends is a game designed for strictly arena combat, removing all current balancing issues and problems in popular mmo pvp arena systems. There is no pve element to the game, as such, there is no spill over of pve balancing issues. The point of this game is to give a balanced arena experience, rewarding player skill, not what boss x dropped on a pick up group raid run.

Wield swords, shields, daggers and bows, or use magic abilities to burn down your enemies.

A few features of Arena Legends:

-Team creation as well as a casual pick up system.

-Practice arena - training dummy arena for build testing.
Rating system - all arenas matches are rated. There is no crossover. Casual ratings are different from team ratings.

-1v1 arena.

-2v2, 3v3, 5v5 Casual arenas - Random queue generated teams.

-2v2, 3v3, 5v5 Team arenas - Pre-made team arenas.

-1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 Hardcore arenas - This is what the arena world has been waiting for. We are introducing a feature into the game where players can challenge each other for real money. The system will allow players to purchase 'arena tokens' through our in-game store. By winning a game of skill, these tokens will be transfered to the winning team. They can then use them in the store, or cash out the tokens. There are legalities surrounding this which still need to be ironed out, so more details to come in future updates, but for now, we are working on it. The idea is to give every gamer, not just those being sponsored by companies, a chance to be a professional gamer if they are good enough.

-Spectator mode - you will be able to join and watch any arena currently being played.

-All gear is cosmetic - As you rank, tiers will open and reward titles, and new armor will become available to display your awesomeness.
Weapons give additional buffs and nerfs, but nothing insane. Eg, a staff of mending will give a + x healing, - x armor.

-Full character customization - No pre-made heros.

-All abilities are to be available to everyone - Let me explain this a little. I am a player who believes a tank build should not be able to out damage a damage build, and a damage build should not be able to out heal a healing build. All these builds have their place in arena, just need to balance them correctly. Classes have been removed completely in Arena Legends. All characters start on the same base stats. Spells and abilities are divided into 3 categories, defense, offense and restoration. All characters have all spells and abilities available for selection, however, you can only enter an arena with 10 'equipped'. Your selection of abilities determines your final armor, health, and damage stats. For example, taking 10 damage only abilities will increase your overall damage, however, the trade off is you're survivability. You will have very little damage reduction, and no way to help team mates or heal yourself. The idea is to have a balanced system, where someone who has a full hybrid build can be average across all fields, healing, damage and defense, those who like high damage trade off their survivability, and those who like the defense approach are killable without the ability to do insane damage. A healing only build will result in very little damage and very low damage reduction and so on.

-I also believe this qualifies as a feature - No achievement point system - we will NOT be creating a reward system to give you 10 points for turning left or right or jumping 5 times in one spot. The amount of achievements over the last few years in new titles is just ridiculous. Rewarding people with nothing for doing nothing and having them brag about it and judge others is just… well… sad. You will get ratings and climb the ladders based on your team/personal skill. You will have character stats, kills, deaths, won, lost etc… NO achievements for loading the game and playing it.

-No 'pillar humping' - The ground around the base of all pillars will be covered with lava/fire/spikes, causing damage to anyone standing on it. Added to this, all objects, including pillars will be destructable, hopefully solving the endless kiting problems, and making the use of objects and pillars serve their purpose, that being, line of sight.

Many thanks