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Framerate drops in Maghda fight


Good job Blizz... no acknowledgement for a bug that's actually preventing people from progressing. If there were actually people returning to the game or buying it new they'd be royally PO'd at your lack of a response to a known issue. Just imagine how much fun a new player would be having once they get to Maghda and can't progress at all because the FPS issue makes it virtually unplayable.

Keep responding to the bugs that don't really matter (like MP unticking), that can be worked around, that are at most annoying and are not in anyway, gamebreaking. -Claps hands- Well done.
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me too--hardcore wizard 55.

almost pooped brick when this happened...any word from blizzard?

nvidia 460 GTI with latest drivers on win8 x32
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Same here.
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I have the same problem. My frame rate drops as the fight progresses, until it becomes almost unplayable. My computer remains responsive, only the Diablo3 client slows down. I'm not sure it's a bug that affects the entire system.

There seems to be something about the Magda fight that is causing this.

Inferno, multiple mp's attempted. DH. Nvidia GTS 360M video card.

I've never experienced frame rate drop in this fight before, pre-1.0.5.
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Same here, my computer is really old but is still able to run D3 with fps around 25-30. Since patch 1.0.5 when entering Maghda threshold it's down to 2, I even saw 1... :/


Barb, nightmare, lvl40, MP1.

Kind regards,
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yep, I'm getting this same problem. I had NO problems before 1.0.5, I get ~50 fps EVERYWHERE ELSE, but the INSTANT I go into maghda's lair my fps drops to 1 and when she summons her berzerkers I die because I cannot dodge them due to my low fps. I have a GeForce GTX 550 Ti graphics card.
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Same here killed my Hc Dh (european)

Happens on I7 / 8Gb / 6990 / ssd

tested on other machine in normal mode and has the same problem.

2nd machine: q6600 / 4Gb / 5770 / ssd
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-Still Clapping-

Moderators have enough time to redirect this thread yet AGAIN.


YOUR F-IN game is what's screwed up since the patch. Man... these guys are absolute morons. They take time enough to redirect the thread AGAIN, but not enough to look into why people keep posting this thread.

Obviously more concerned with fixing the "MP untick" bug because it's absolutely more important. I've really only played this for about 6-7 hours since patch release and it's just horrible, especially the amount of bugs that this patch introduced. Stuff that never should have been touched is somehow affected. You have PTR to work this crap out and when you implement the patch it's like the first day you've ever tested it.
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would like exposure to this---it may be happening elsewhere

..and killing hc chars due to game flaws is not cool =\
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C'mon blizz...

More and more threads being opened with the same problems... if you're going to keep redirecting at least read why people keep posting with the same issue. Many other bugs have been acknowledged, but this one hasn't.
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Here is in pictures what happens:

Outside and 'everywhere' else stable fps:

When magda first releases her dogs:

When 20 secs further:

The end result:

This happens every time i walk in that room. Offcourse i do it in pussycore now ... buh.
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I have the same FPS drop during the Maghda battle. Can't get past without dying.
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same problem
60 fps almost everywhere else
i7 960 @ 3.2ghz
sli gtx 580's
6gb ram
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I just reached Maghda and I am unable to progress due to a drop from 60 FPS to 5-10FPS. It is unplayable and I did not have any issues prior to the patch. NVidia GTX 550 Ti & 4GB ram. I can't even level now...
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Wanted to bump with same issue. Started a baby Barb and only have a problem with FPS during Maghda fight. Everything up to this point is fine. Everything after this point (On my WD) is also fine.

As far as the fight goes:

First stage is ok. There is a minor hiccup in framerate immediately after cinematic, whether I skip it or not, but nothing really scary.

Next is the first thrall summon. This the first major problem spot. The game literally stops for a few seconds, but I can usually make it through by making sure I am 'running away' by holding down the walk button in a direction away from the action when it hits.

After I clear the these thralls, the fight with Magda herself is fine.

The second thrall summon is even worse, with game stoppage lasting several seconds longer than the first. I use the same method as described above, but I only survive this second problem area half of the time.

If I manage to clear this wave, again the fight with Maghda is fine.

I never survive the third thrall summon. The game feels like it stops for 10 seconds (never actually timed it so Im sure its not quite that long), and I am always dead by the time things catch back up.

Just FYI, video drivers are up to date, screen resolution matches desktop, video settings have all been reduced to nothing. I am running dual AMD Radeon HD 6800 with 1024 RAM in Crossfire mode, so hardware should not be the issue here.

Baby Barb is stuck until this is resolved.
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Thanks to Itama for directing me to this thread. There's a thread regarding this issue in the Report Bug forum, but only like 5 or 6 of us posted on it. I was beginning to think that this was an isolated issue, but apparently it's not.

My computer isn't good enough to be worth posting its specs, but this problem also occurred on my friend's desktop. I don't know his PC's specs but I do know he runs Battlefield 3 at max settings, and that's a far more graphics-intensive game than this one.

As with everyone else, every other part of the game runs smoothly except for the Maghda fight. When I would die, the frame rate would return to normal. As soon as I re-entered the Lair of the Witch, the problem would begin anew.
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Ok i got this from Ticket Support:

Alrighty, I have something I would like for you to try.
On the Launcher, please go to Game Preferences and then click Launch 32-bit client.

Now is it me or is he stoned? I only have an option 'reset game preferences'

I'm ticketing in Eu + Us for this issue and both are just ignoring the bug.

Nice support Blizz.

Wouldnt suprise if i go for ban here to later on sick of this crap support.
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10/20/2012 02:12 AMPosted by W4mB3rtu
I only have an option 'reset game preferences'

Same here. I think you should take a screenshot of your Launcher with the options window open and send it back to this guy so he can try again...
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As an update:

I did manage to finally get past this encounter simply by turning off my anti-aliasing.

Note that this did NOT solve the frame rate freezing, but it did mitigate it enough that I was finally able to force my way through.
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Ok i got positive response from ticket support and hope this bug will be gone in a while ;)


I have located the forum thread you are speaking of. I see that this is an issue that is wider than just your system. I encourage you to post your information on the thread. I have mentioned this thread to my supervisor and hopefully our development team will take a look at it and find a resolution to the problem in a timely manner.

Thanks and have a great day.

Ashlee B.
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

Thx Ashlee B. u are now my favorite ticket respondant !! ;)
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