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Framerate drops in Maghda fight

Update: I noted that Diablo3.exe goes from around 10-15% CPU usage to 0 when the lag occurs. It seems like the game just stops being processed rather than running out of processor capacity.

Also, running the game from a USB drive worsens the problem. The best performance I have found yet was running from my internal hard drive with Microsoft Security Essentials real-time protection DISABLED. Of course, I still experienced micro-stutter but it was not freezing for 10 seconds at a time anymore. Not a permanent fix, but it worked for me.

I also tweaked my GFX card settings and messed around with the D3prefs file to no avail- it's a serious glitch! I think that the fire textures are broken perhaps?
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Hello, I did not see this thread earlier when I had originally posted this but, I am also having the same issue. I can normally play this game on max settings everywhere with no problems whatsoever,, EXCEPT when I try to defeat Magdah! Whenever I get transported into her lair Everything begins to become as slow as a snail! I have even tried turning everything there is in the options for gameplay to either low or off, and nothing is working to remedy it.

I do not know what to do. I have even went back and played all of the other areas with no problems. It's only this one area so far.

I have even gone as far as reinstalling my Windows, this game, on a fresh install with absolutely no other software except for my antivirus, and nothing works still.

This has to be a game issue and not related to my system. Which is brand spanking new, and pretty high-end.
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Bump, same issue here since latest patch.

Used to be buttery smooth at 60 fps, now crawls between 5-15.
Only During the Maghda fight.

Nvidia gtx 285. Latest beta drivers.

This needs to be addressed immediately.
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I'm using an early 2011 macbook pro here and I'm having the same problem.

Perfectly alright in all other areas before and after the fight, the fps drops as the fight goes on and remain low even after the fight when I return with portal.
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Same problem and this is definitely a defect.

I'm getting on average 5-19 fps just being in the "Lair of the Witch" (even after killing Magdah). There is absolutely nothing in this tiny area that would warrant such a HUGE fps drop.

I'm getting >130 fps everywhere else in the game - nVidia GTX 680M
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Same problem, didn't take it seriously until I met her on hardcore MP10 (normal :), it's gonna be a huge problem for HC players.

Intel HD 3000 graphics card, FPS decreases over time from 30+ to 4
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Same thing as previously stated. Smooth frames through out game. Magda fight, craps a brick. Geforce GTX 460 on 306.23 drivers. Updating to 306.97... report back with results...
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Same problem as everyone else.

Phenom X2 955
Geforce 9800 GTX+ (306.97 drivers)
Win7 X64

Plenty of free memory/video ram. Processor usage under 25%. Game drops down to about 5fps, then I go outside and it skyrockets back up.

Nearly lost my dang HC char in here since I didn't expect anything to drop my performance like this.
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Same for me. As soon as Maghda battle begins, FPS drops to about 1-2. Died because of this. :-(
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Same problem - no issues anywhere else in the game, but over the course of the Magda fight everything stutters to a halt and I die.
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Same problem. Very notice-able after the first set of adds.
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That's why i finaly got 5 charakters on level ~ 17-21 ... still waiting for a fix.
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Same problem as everyone else.
Core i7-2670QM, 6GB RAM, Geforce 540M
Had no problem before patching 1.0.5
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The issue with the framerate drops here have already been reported as a bug. I believe they've identified the cause but I don't have an ETA as to when it can be addressed via either a hotfix or client patch.
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Yep, same problem here.
1 or 2 fps as soon as I am the maghda arena.
Unloading my AV returns the framerate to an acceptable level.
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0-5 FPS on both LOWEST and HIGHEST settings, vsync on/off

GTX 680
i5 2500k

please FIX this, also FIX the whole micro-stuttering throughout the game
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I'm having this issue too. My progression is now totally halted until this gets fixed. I have to say I am pretty upset about this issue.
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Thank GOD we do not need to "pay" a monthly fee to play this game, or this would be a major upset to the pleasure of this community. I am just leveling up my other characters until this problem is resolved hopefully.
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10/22/2012 01:02 PMPosted by Omrakos
The issue with the framerate drops here have already been reported as a bug. I believe they've identified the cause but I don't have an ETA as to when it can be addressed via either a hotfix or client patch.

thanks for the update

weak information, however--bugs and technical issues take precedence over everything else, always.

if your car manufacturer's windshield washer fluid turned to black tar once it hits your windshield, and they tell everyone they're getting to it but only after they finish adding an extra subwoofer to the stereo system, i think people would be disappointed.
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Same problem

Today i try add exception for realtime testing directory where is Diablo installed in my AV MS Security Essentials and Comodo Internet Security and this resolve my problem and i can kill Magda:-))
I don´t understand why, because i have Diablo installed on SSD disk, but it works for me.

Try this........

Sorry for my english........
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