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Framerate drops in Maghda fight

I hope they fix this soon i always stuck in magda fight T_T
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Same problem here.
Everything was alright before 1.05 (I think so), now there's a huge framerate loss when fighting Magda. At least I didn't remember it happening before 1.05. It even gets worse, as soon as she's dead. When I leave the area after the fight and re-enter it, everything is normal again.

3.40 GHz
8.0 GB RAM
AMD Radeon HD6900-Series
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Thanks, that you've mentioned this. :-)

I also use Comodo anti-virus software. I've temporary disabled Antivirus and Defense+ components for the time of Maghda fight, and this has worked: no framerate dropping during the fight.
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This morning I tried kaciokos post into accord because, I also use Comodo CIS. (Or whoever had suggested this) And following his/her advice, I had gotten my system to allow me to play Magdah with absolutely no problems! Following fighting her, I just switched everything back on, and everything was playing 100% just like it had done previously up until her. :-)
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Very disappointed that this issue wasn't corrected with the most recent patch. Come on Blizzard, people can't play the game past Maghda!!
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i just found a solution very easy i just turn off my anti virus then suddenly no fps drop i don't know whats the relation between the anti virus hmmm now they having maintenance i hope they fix it already
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Edit: After some testing, and others' reports, it appears it's a problem with anti-virus software. Just disable real-time protection while fighting Maghda, and the framerate will stabilize. It's a stop-gap, but it works.

Thanks Itama for the tips of disabling the antivirus.

I have the same problem. Barbarian at nightmare.

Thanks !
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It can't be antivirus real-time protection, or Microsoft Security Essentials, especially if it's only started since 1.0.5... if it is then it makes me REALLY wonder what the game is doing behind the scenes during this specific arena.

Edit: Does seem to help some, but huge framerate drop replaced with an every other second hdd related pause... ONLY this area! This after 1.0.5a just in case they tried to fix it with 1.0.5a, not fixed.
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I had this issue as well, but can confirm that temporarily disabling real-time scanning in Microsoft Security Essentials before entering this area resolved this issue for me. Here is how to do that, in case you also use that antivirus: http://ask-leo.com/how_do_i_temporarily_turn_off_microsoft_security_essentials_for_an_install.html (scroll down to the section "Disabling Microsoft Security Essentials")

Remember to turn it back on afterwards!
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I had the same issue with a level 55 monk on Hell with an ATI Radeon HD 4570. Turning off real time protection in Microsoft Security Essentials did the trick and the frame rate was much much better, beat the fight with Magda quite easily after.
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Thanks for the update about virus protection interference with the Maghda battle. The first time I fought her on Normal difficulty I ran into this framerate slowdown and I had to blindly click my way to victory.

Second time around on Nightmare difficulty, I turned off my Avast! virus protection (I'm using a Mac) before my encounter with Maghda and the battle went swimmingly!
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died in HC because of this =(
normal difficulty char anyway but its annoying
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Same here, any part of the game, it's really unplayable.
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Same here, this sucks.. I'm stuck there because im playing only hardcore.
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By the way, i see the comment about disablng antivirus and that wroked. Thanks.
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I tried disabling my antivirus (AVG) but nothing seemed to change. Magdha still lags me to death, even though the rest of the game plays just fine.
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FPS Drops and micro-stuttering has been around since the first beta, people said the exact same thing, and Blizzard replied like they do today. There will not be a fix for this issue, ever.
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Hello I'll just add here what I posted on EU topic a few days ago (no much reaction there since then).

This bug has only started since 1.0.5.
FPS drop occurs when you are walking/exploring maghda's room. You don't even have to spawn her, you can just walk around the empty room, even if the quest is already done.
This room makes your anti-virus to use way too much CPU.

I'm sure it happens with Microsoft Security Essentials (and more precisely the MsMpEng.exe process) , and with Office Scan services. There are probably a few more anti-viruses causing this issue since we identified several behaviors : gradual FPS drop /// 1-2s freezes (but no fps drop) /// gradual latency raise (up to >1k).

To fix it with Office Scan you have to somehow " Disable all associated services " (dunno translation)
To fix it with MSE you have to kill MsMpEng.exe, you can do it with ProcessHacker (for example)

Here are some screenshots




10/25/2012 06:48 PMPosted by Loki
It can't be antivirus real-time protection, or Microsoft Security Essentials, especially if it's only started since 1.0.5... if it is then it makes me REALLY wonder what the game is doing behind the scenes during this specific arena.

lol I thought exactly the same thing when I was monitoring this issue.
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I had the same thing happen to me in Nightmare difficulty with my then level 43 demon hunter on Monster Power 10 yesterday (10/27/2012). The game ran smoothly with maybe 100 to 200 ms latency while in the rest of Act II, but as soon as I entered the Lair of the Witch the game came to a near complete stop (latency also was noted to spike to 1 s at one point in time). I died every time I fought her on MP10, but I was able to beat her, nearly dying to the pain mongers, with monster power turned off.

I never had this latency and frame rate problem prior to 1.0.5, so in all logical sense it has to be something with this patch.
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This is posted on their known issues list.

Your computer's performance will diminish during the Maghda boss encounter. There is a specific sound file that is producing an error over and over, spamming the client with this error message.
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