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15 legendaries in 3 hours = CONTROLLED DROPS

Chris Wrote:"If drop is higher then the game would be a success. I have a friend who has been playing since day 1 and didn't accumulate didn't find anything nice. The gold accumulated is about 30m, which is about price of 1 really good item after inflation kick in."

That really is the root of the issue.
I may have 10m or so gold collected according to the profile. All of which was spent playing the game.

Without a descent drop to wear or sell you can't progress.

Unless you buy gold/items for real money.

So, ask yourself who bought that first uber item for mega gold? If we can't make that kind of gold in normal game play no one could have.

The game is ruined for those of us that can't/refused to pay real money.
And those of you that do pay are driving the cost of play beyond it's limit.

There are those that find uber items every run. That's great. If there were no one to buy it they would be vender trash because you can't use it or have one better.

Soon there will be only 2 types of players. Those that find and those that pay. All the rest of us will be gone.

Blizzard should look closely at the disparity of drops between players. It's a code issue. It can be fixed.

^ +1
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Found around 40ish sets/uniques since 1.04 patch. I really can't believe that some people didn't even find one..
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i have about 100 mil from collected items i have found, and sold on ah.. never bought a single thing with real money.. u people suk
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There are millions of diablo 3 players, and some are bound to get luckier than others at certain points.
But it's the one's who have extreme cases who will post. If you get 15 legendaries you post about it, but you haven't taken into account all the people with mediocre drop rates that don't post at all.
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I haven't getting any legends about a week and I have 324 MF. I believe legends drop is not random. They indeed not doing drops fairly.
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10/16/2012 02:57 PMPosted by IMKira
I haven't getting any legends about a week and I have 324 MF. I believe legends drop is not random. They indeed not doing drops fairly.

That is because your simple mind cannot comprehend probabilities.
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I will go for sure i enjoy playin the odds. random is still random regardless of probability. 1-10 odds u still have a random chance that the # 1 will come up.
as for the casino's making money,
Well everyone should work for free..

of course the business has to make money
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When they perfect cloning, can I have one of you OP? ^.^
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We talk about % here and relativity, soo we can talk for a looooooooong time
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pls stop posting , my pc almost crashed due to your post stupidity and ignorance that emanates.

i haven't logged the forums in months but had to after i saw that this guy wasn't trolling, but is in fact completely serious...

if you really think blizzard is going to put their namesake in jeopardy with an advanced drop system that functions on an individual basis across millions of accounts world wide JUST BECAUSE YOU WHINE ON THE FORUMS you need to yank yourself out of the genetic pool so i can put you up for a DARWIN AWARD.

let's see... ummm... MILLIONS of $$$$ orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr "hey guys, you know that dude on the forums that kept calling us blue bots? well, he will never see the phat lewts again!!!!!!!!'

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Well, the forum theory is that drop rates are scaled way up after a patch. Whether or not that's true, I plan on doing some runs :)
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this is an interesting post really though...

i was playing for 5 hours ish a day the last 2 days (cause im quite sick and bored lol) and i got 3 legendary drops, one of which was blackthorn's pants

Previous to these last days ive found one ONE legendary drop .. i think my total playtime is around 90 hours

"might" be a weird fluke... but it might not be either
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Do you want to get a good peak at your quality drops and get some legendaries? Easy. Spend your money at RMAH (a nice amount of money, lets say 100$). In the next days , you will notice how yours drops increase noticeable. Yes, sadly i spent some money at rmah ( i hate this manipulated game) and in next couple days i got 2 set items (in same run), 2 legendaries (from a treasure goblin) and 4-5 legendaries more. After that, nothing. Before that, also nothing.
Im sure Blizzard rewards players thats waste thie money in fraud rmah
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... also, with the new patch legendary drop rates are supposed to be doubled ...
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I hope you aren't a homophobe.

Homophobe? No, I'm not afraid of gays. I pity them. Hom0$exuality is a mental disorder, much like schizophrenia and such. These people should be isolated from society and treated.

No idea why it doesn't let me spell Hom0$exuality. Oh the irony.

I'll make sure you end up burning in hell if I ever meet you in real life.
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There is no real math done by OP. Most of their figures where pulled out of their ... Errr thin air yeah that's the ticket.

I have no doubt that Blizzard can make gold seller accounts and exploiters get no drops ... But why would they rather then get rid of the accounts altogether ... Blizzard wanting to make money would Opt for the Account cancellation as it would cause the offender to get a new game key.

As for increasing certain accounts MF or drop rate ... Unless you did something like give them a thousand or so Gold sellers/exploiters ... Why would they? There is no logic that supports this theory.

Bad luck people complain ... Good luck people complain ... Haters going to be haters.

Now that I have backed up Blizzards system I should receive UBER drops tonight lol. At least by your logic.
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Why even bother to reply, blues, if not to say:

- We do not adjust the loot daily
- Loot is not adjusted based on what is available/sold on the AH
- Everyone has the same chance to drop a legendary or set
- Every game you create will give you the same chance lootwise
- Loot does not depend on what server you play

And end of story.

The way they just elude all those reported statistical abominations - which I have seen for myself, too - is really fishy.
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