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15 legendaries in 3 hours = CONTROLLED DROPS

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10/16/2012 02:50 PMPosted by Yang
Found around 40ish sets/uniques since 1.04 patch. I really can't believe that some people didn't even find one..

Since 1.04, I found 3 sets and these 3 sets are the only ones I've found in the past 4 months. A person I met in public game is paragon 33 and he only found one set item since 1.04.

That's why you need Streak Breaker... to break that bad luck after certain point or else it will only discourage players.
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Pure Luck or not, from a consumer's point of view, if you and I play the same game for the same amount of time and you get 2 or 3 times more legendary than I do, I get pissed and disappointed.

I can care less if it's "pure random" (it is not and stop lying to yourself) or not.

You can blame a player not having skills but you can't blame him for not BEATING LUCK. You can't beat luck.

That's why a GOOD game needs to have Streak Breaker to ensure most players have fun... at least give them SOMETHING good after a very long streak of bad rolls. This is what a great game does.
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I seem to never get legendaries or set items except for the third Saturday of every month between 7:30-10:30 AM, and occasionally during a full moon. Although there was that one time I got one when my dog was barking at the neighbor on a Thursday. Definitely not random.
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Facepalm yourself harder, please. Harder!

I just do not understand why they let this conspiracy theory grow uncon-trolled.

They spend energy to answer this thread, dancing around the real issue with no grace, when they could just have it stop by statements as suggested on last page.

Why would they keep us going ? For their own fun ?
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I've been playing MMO's and loot based games for 15 years or so and I don't buy it for one second that loot isn't dynamically controlled in someway. I have never, in any game, experienced such terrible loot/RNG as I have with D3, and my game of choice used to be Lineage 1 and 2.

Never once I have I even contemplated quitting a game due to bad loot, until D3, and I did it less than two months into the game. I don't need any rep or player to tell me I'm wrong, because I know, that WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT, the loot/rng is messed up.
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Either its: a random system(computer program on the servers) that flags certain accounts for a certain amount of time, then moves on, obviously de-flagging spam, blocked, and/or hacking accounts, so it never hits them. Some-kind of arbitrary system, that indiscriminately awards players, based on the chance it flagged their account. In other words; an (a meta)evolution of what we would have called a truly randomized experience found in D2.


It's a bunch of employees at Blizzard, going through the forums, emails, game sessions, etc to find who they like, and/or who they dislike in order to determine who's account is flagged for better in-game loot drops.

I would like to assume any corporation has better things to spend their budgets on than paying people to be "loot flaggers", though I wouldn't be surprised if they did, as far stranger things have happened.
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i once witnessed a similar extremely lucky day around when 1.4 came out. I picked up so much good !@#$ on HC and have never seen anything like it afterwards even on AH. Too bad I sold most of it for dirt cheap thinking it was crap cuz i was a noob lvl 60 back then
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A brand new day for brand new conspiracies! Yay!

God you people have an incredibly large amount of free time, don't you? You also have no proof of anything.

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FIRST DROP in 1.05...legendary....
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rng is not rng.

rigged is rigged. learn the difference you fricken idiots.

i cant say 100% that this game is rigged but when 1.04 hit i found 2 manticores, a deadmans, a zunipox, a godly lucaniprowlers. havnt found crap since then.

all i can say is this game is 100% FISHY. FISHY IS FISHY.

This lacks logic or any reasonable semblance of forethought.

Winning the lottery is complete randomness as well ... I know a person that has won far too often. So following OP's logic the lottery is rigged as well.

I personally have amazing luck with Radio contests ... I guess the radio stations are rigging their contests too lol.

Has anyone else seen a run at the casino ... Sometimes luck = luck.
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Well, I just dont seem to get Legendaries at all.

When i do, its about after 3-4 weeks of playing, and it rolls something like Stone Gauntlets at me.

So, Blizzard, if you could drop me 15 legendaries in 3 hours, i promise i wont make a forum post about it. I will actually believe this game is fun again. Unless you drop me 15 stone gauntlets......
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Why would they keep us going ? For their own fun ?

Because it's not a conspiracy theory? Bashiok himself confirmed drop rates are actively controlled (and tied to AH). Unless he's wearing a tin foil hat too, I can only assume that he means what he says.

Well, this is a possibility. And since they spend time answering those threads with theoretical stuff about luck and statistics, when they could just kill any suspicion right away...

Only other reason why they would keep this going is because they love this kind of threads.

So... Enjoy this one and all the incoming ones!
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10/16/2012 02:54 PMPosted by c0d3x5
i have about 100 mil from collected items i have found, and sold on ah.. never bought a single thing with real money.. u people suk

You didn't read did you. Who do u think bought your items?
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Come on! You're smarter than this... Why would blizzard go through all this trouble for minimal or no gain?? Seriously, THINK about it...
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10/16/2012 05:01 PMPosted by Abyss
Come on! You're smarter than this... Why would blizzard go through all this trouble for minimal or no gain?? Seriously, THINK about it...

Everyone is getting off point. Blizzard may or may not have something to gain who cares.

Something is broken. Fix it.
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[quote]Sometimes luck = luck.

Sure, even when you have reports of statistical attrocities, with people not getting a single legendary in 400h and people getting 15 within 3 hours, it still is luck. I would agree.

If there was not several of those every day.

The estimation done a few days ago shows that you get ~63% chance to get a legendary after 2000 or 2500 rolls.

This is probably about right for me, but I got ALL my legendaries in batches of 2-3 in a single run - or single evening, with 10 days of yellows in between.

The odds of such a distribution are just close to impossible.

And even if it would be, this should be avoided by some kind of statistical flattening.
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