Diablo® III

Barb 1.0.5

Ok so i need abit of help, i need to know what build to use with barb, cause im really undergeared and i want to be able to play mp1 or 2

So i would like to know what build is good for an undergeared barb?
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Standard Rend build.
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I am very impressed with the Throw Weapon spec... just get a belt that reduces the rage cost of throw weapon and has LS and you will be pretty much set. Maybe pick up a Scorn if you can afford it. Mempo's helps a lot too.
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Check mine. I am far from elite. With the new changes to whirlwind's fury cost (less) and blood funnel increased to 2% life back, I am rocking it. No need for sprint and tornadoes. It has actually become so much fun!
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just make sure you are on top of using over power everytime its cooled down. they have added a nice little chime reminding you when its ready so keep casting it as you spin and melt monsters.
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what does the standard rend build look like
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Looks like you need some crit chance, crit hit %, and some all resist. They are pretty much defacto needs of Diablo 3. Rend build works well but i got kinda bored with it. Check out my build. It doesnt require a ton of LOH but it does require a good amount of crit chance.
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Every build as you like is viable for barbs now. Sure, some are the best but all barbs should enjoy the way they want to play. 1.0.5 is nice for barbs even with the tornado nerf. Barbs have a lot of stuns, try to use some of them and you will be ok with any gear.
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